Alesis was one of, if not the first to create an audio dock specifically for the iPad with their original iO Dock.

Now they are back with the iO Dock II, and as I’m a huge fan of integrating the iPad into my setup, I got my hands on one.

Let’s check it!

So what is the iO Dock II?

iodockii_web_angle_medBasically, it’s an audio dock/interface that allows you to get professional audio to and from your iPad.

It also has MIDI and USB hookups for transmitting MIDI messages between your apps and your host computer.

Doesn’t matter if you want to hook up a guitar, bass, mic, drum machine, or synthesizer, it can handle them all with xlr and 1/4″ combo jacks.

You can even hook up a footswitch directly to the dock, and of course you get 1/4″ outputs as well as a headphone jack with it’s own volume control.

Quick Specs

So what’s the bottom line?

If you’re looking for a flexible way to connect your iPad to your other gear you definitely need to check this out.

I love the fact that it has adapters for both types of connections, so it can stick around when you upgrade!

What you get it in what you get out and I didn’t have any issues with latency or audio buffering.

Full review at:  Sounds and gear

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