Once, weird instruments only made the rounds at exclusive academic conferences. Now, they go viral on Facebook.

Such is the case with Collidoscope, the creation of a UK-based mixing and mastering service (out of London label Sunlightsquare Records) and Queen Mary researchers – Ben Bengler and Fiore Martin. It’s a massive tangible table-top interface to a granular instrument.

There are a few things that make this one special, even to those of us who have seen such items before.

1. It’s big. It appears that the basis of this is a very large display, cleverly built into a slick-looking table-top interface.

2. It’s visual. A crisp, clear waveform display attractively shows you where you are. Nicely executed, that.

3. It’s physical. Big knobs and faders and a keyboard set this apart from the iPad apps and whatnot that do the same – and also set up the possibility for collaboration.

4. It samples. Built-in sampling is connected to a SuperCollider engine underneath for responsive sonic control.

More here, though they’re a bit scant on details other than it’s a one-off prototype. (And the site is, sadly, orange and full of big ads! But the prototype itself is great!)




Source: createdigitalmusic

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