DontCrack is giving away the excellent Bus Driver plugin as a free download for a limited time, in memory of Nomad Factory’s founder Bernie Torelli who passed away on January 18th this year.

Bernie Torelli was a gifted guitarist, music producer and also a very talented and forward-thinking audio plugin developer. He is most known for his work on Nomad Factory products, but he was also the developer behind several other plugin suites, such as DontCrack’s V.I.P. Bundle, for example. We hereby send one last thank you to Mr Torelli for everything he did for the audio community. May he rest in peace.

In memory of Bernie Torelli, his close friends at DontCrack are giving away Bus Driver, one of the Nomad Factory plugins, as a free download for a limited time. To download Bus Driver for free, visit the product page on DontCrack and enter the coupon code “freebusdriver” at checkout. After applying the code, the price will be reduced from $119 to $0. To activate Bus Driver on your computer, simply enter your serial number (which you will receive via email) when you launch the plugin for the first time.

Bus Driver is an easy to use analog style compressor with added tube emulation. The user interface is fairly simple, with just a couple of knobs and a set of buttons to adjust the compression ratio (from 2:1 to brickwall limiting) and metering. Despite being so easy to use, the plugin also includes a set of factory presets for different mixing and mastering scenarios. As always, though, you should tweak these presets to better suit the source audio material in order to get the best possible results with Bus Driver.

IMPORTANT INFO #1: To everyone having issues during the free checkout procedure over at DontCrack, it’s obviously a bug. Try using a US address, as suggested by the DontCrack support team (thanks to our reader Tev for reporting this).

IMPORTANT INFO #2: If you can’t activate the plugin using your serial number, create a new folder named “Licenses” in ~Library/Application Support/Nomad Factory/ and give the activation procedure another try.


Bus Driver is available for free download via DontCrack (5.1 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & Mac OS). Enter code “freebusdriver” at checkout to get the free download.

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