MaxSynths have announced that their complete VST plugin line-up is now re-released as freeware. All interested users can download the plugins completely free of charge from the official MaxSynths website.

The developer has released quite a few interesting freebies in the past (PAL-9000 and Sturiophonia are a couple of most recent examples), along with ten commercial VST plugins for Windows. Sadly, it seems that MaxSynths won’t be releasing any new software in the future and won’t be able to provide support for the current plugins either, so they’ve decided to make all of their products free to download and use. Here is the complete list of previously commercial MaxSynths instruments and effects that are now freeware:

  • Bass Module – Simple bass rompler with 64 bass sounds.
  • Crisalys – A powerful virtual synthesizer with twelve filter types and a mod matrix.
  • Cryologic – A sample based instrument packed with a 400 MB sound library.
  • DR-910 – A Roland TR-909 style virtual drum machine instrument.
  • Latte – A subtractive synthesizer with custom modeled analog style oscillators.
  • Nero – Monophonic synthesizer with a built-in pattern sequencer.
  • WTS-1 – Simple virtual analog synth with an interesting oscillator instability feature.
  • DSP-3 – An easy to use bus compressor.
  • DSP-2 – A multi-effect for vocal processing (saturation, compression, EQ).
  • DSP-1 – Saturation and dynamics processing for drums.

The plugins are available for direct free download from the developer’s website, no sign-up or subscription required. Each product page contains a direct download link, along with a donate button which you can use to support the developer. All instruments and effects are available in 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, since they were developed with an older version of SynthEdit that didn’t support 64-bit plugin export.

As much as it is great news to get ten previously commercial plugins as freebies, at the same time it’s quite said to see talented and dedicated developers shutting down their shops and not working on plugin development anymore. We need more developers like de la ManchaUgo, MaxSynths and we hope that they’ll return to making new instruments and effects some day, just like Leslie Sanfordrecently did after several years of silence! Thank you all so much for your work, devs. You rock (and we salute you)!


The plugins are available for free download via MaxSynths (ZIP archive containing a DLL file, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

Source: BPB

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