DaHornet by Nusofting is a free synthesizer based on the Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Wasp, a cult synthesizer from late 70s, being a credible emulation of this piece.

It offers filters with personality, aggressive with warmth, very original envelopes, really nice VST with a sound surprisingly analog.

This instrument is able to provide a very own sound, generated through a picturesque and friendly visual interface.

Watch demo below.


The creator of thw original piece was the English engineer and designer Chris Nugget, founder of Electronic Dream Planet, is also the mastermind behind instruments such as BassStation, OSCar and mini-Nova that have been used by artists like Thom Yorke , Duran Duran, Jean-Michel Jarre, Underworld, among others.

If you are looking for a sound like Depeche Mode or Gary Numan style from 80s, daHornet could give you nice surprises for your projects.

Download here.

Listen original Wasp synth below.

Source: nusofting


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