The Roland System 100 is a semi-modular synthesizer, launched between 1975 and 1979, much appreciated by bands like Depeche Mode, Erasure or Human League. The system consisted of a monophonic synthesizer, with oscillator, filter, and ADSR control, mixer, sequencer and patching panel.


The collection offers a detailed sound bank that includes 8.2 gigabytes of samples to cover a six-octave tonal extension, with eight velocity layers, sampled in all detail. You will get four basic waveforms, saw, square, triangle, and noise. In this way, this free kit allows you to emulate the filter’ s opening and closing, with layer’s switching and crossfading by speed, thanks to have its source material has been sampled taking into account different settings of low-pass filter from Roland System 100.

This sound bank takes multiple samples for each note in different conditions, for much flexibility when it comes to reliably emulating any recorded instrument. You will get raw wave forms generated by the Roland System 100 itself.

The Roland System 101 Model 101 Kit collection download here.

Source: modular samples


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