This free sample pack created by Seaweed Factory is a collection of FM synthesis sounds from the Yamaha TX81z that get grainy and dirty after being processed with the Casio SK-1 toy sampler. The FM_SK Sample Pack collection includes more than 150 sounds recorded at 24bit / 48kHz.

The Yamaha TX81z is one of the most popular FM synthesis modules, since late 1980s because of its interesting tone generation capabilities and its low price. His ‘Solid Bass’ was used in many big hits of dance electronic music.


Casio SK-1 was one of the first instruments that took the sampling to the handling and enjoyment of the masses, offering a minimum 8-bit sampling performance in an affordable keyboard with aspect and price of toy.

SK-1 has become an object demanded by circuit-bending enthusiasts and experimenters of low-fidelity sounds.

Download FM-SK Sample Pack.

Source: seaweedfactory


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