Spaceship Delay offers three modes: ‘single’, ‘ping pong’ and ‘dual / stereo’, each with the usual parameters delay’s options. Also, it has a ‘freeze’ mode that facilitates the conversion of your sound into an infinite loop, along with the possibility to manipulate the delay’s feedback up to 110%.

You will be able access to input and mix levels in the original signal, as well with a unique control for spring-type reverb, for dub effects, so present in tape delays. Another control in the panel is ‘Attack’, which works as a gate, which will control the effect from input level.

Spaceship Delay has advanced features, like a high-pass/low-pass filter section, in addition, two filters that emulate sound from classic brands such as Korg and Moog, and a saturation section with options ranging from tube-amp to bitcrusher.

In this section you will find three delay options in terms of signal processing -“Old Digital”,”Tape” and’ “Modern”-, which makes this Spaceship Delay VST a great retro-analog or modern-digital style unit effect. The modulation section acts into delay times and filter frequencies. You can add phaser or tremolo processing, or re-filtering the signal too.

Spaceship Delay is available on PC/Mac (32/64bit).

Download here.

Source: musicalentropy




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