REFRACTOR, is a synthesizer developed by NoizeField for Reaktor, based on the model Karplus-Strong for physical modeling synthesis with some variants.

The Karplus-Strong mode uses a noise signal as source, REFRACTOR switches the source by a set of short samples in the style of wavetable synthesizers. It has 128 waveforms, which give rise to an extensive sonorous palette with unpredictable results.

REFRACTOR is an excellent tool for eclectic sound designer, or any artist of experimental electronic music, offering to users a friendly graphic panel to be used immediately without complications. You can access to a wave selector and 16 step sequencer for create patterns where each step can be chosen of the 128 selected waves to create powerful electronic rhythms and sequences.

Check the video below.

REFRACTOR has a simple extra oscillator with five selectable classic waveforms, plus a white noise option. The oscillator provides ADSR, tone controls and a ‘Mix’ knob to balance the mix between the oscillator and the REFRACTOR wavetable. In the section Karplus-Strong Wave Oscillator you obtain controls for sound molding like ‘feedback’ and ‘damping’ similar to a filter resonant low-pass, while other controls allows to add octaves and to swell the sound of the original wave. ‘Attack’ and ‘decay’ controls shape the duration and attack of the selected wave.

You’ll also have an effect section, a low-pass filter for saturation, resonance, morphing, FM amplitude, and envelope options. As well, an effect with four resonant delays in chain, pitchshift delay and reverb with high-pass and low-pass filters.

If you are looking for original sounds and create something totally new, REFRACTOR will be an excellent decision.

REFRACTOR is only compatible with newer versions of Reaktor -V5.9.4 and later.

Download here.

Source: noizefield

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