WaveFlex FBG-1 is a free polyphonic synthesizer with 2-oscillator, sub-oscillator and noise source. Each oscillator has 4 operation modes and effects support.

The first mode offers basic waveforms; the second is for additive synthesis, capable of combining several types of sinusoidal waves. The third mode allows you to draw your own waveform. Fourth mode is for load pre-made waves waveforms.

Listen demo below.

Check video below.

Through a basic but functional user interface, you have access to all controls, such as waveform used, filter modulation, sequence of steps and 3 types envelopes, also matrix section too (11 modulations can be adjusted and send to 29 destinations). The sounds generated worship the sound of old synthesizers, and there are some surprises of more innovative sounds. These added features with effects will give you powerful sounds for your projects you can use EQ, Phaser, reverb, delay, chorus/flanger.

A great synth for your DAW definitely.

You only have to register in Music-Society with a valid email account for download it.

Source: music-society.de

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