If you’re looking for an excellent TB-303 emulator, Yooz Music designed a free VST instrument to recreate this 303 classic sound. In the history of electronic music, this acclaimed bass synth has earned a place in the hearts of musicians and producers.

In a first time, was a bass emulator designed for guitarists to accompany them in their productions, TB-303 looked so little like a real bass, that their innovative sound ended up finding places totally different from those anticipated by their designers. Roland TB303 soon made a big noise in the emerging acid / techno scene of the late 80s – now, its sound is a classic.

Check demo below.

Yooz BL-303 offers seven well differentiated controls, which you will use to emulate acid and bubbly basslines. A control for pitch, a selector for two waveforms (used in the original), low-pass filter and emphasis for resonance.

The last three knobs are envelope controls, ‘Decay’ and ‘Accent’; next to the filter, these last three parameters will sculpt the character and length’s sound.

If you remember the ‘Accent’ and ‘Glide’ parameters from the original Roland 303, the first one accentuated the chosen note making it more prominent in sequence, while the second was responsible for stretching notes in a certain way through a portamento effect. Its control has been solved here without need for more potentiometers, all thanks to MIDI. To do this, you will depend on the speed of each MIDI note to activate the ‘Accent’ or ‘Glide’ effect, or both.

Yooz BL-303 is simple and easy to use, with immediate and very satisfactory results.

Download here.

Source: yoozmusic

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