Zotope has released an updated version of their legendary Vinyl virtual effect. The well known lo-fi vinylizer plugin is now compatible with 64-bit VST/AU/RTAS plugin hosts on Windows and Mac OS!

The new version of the plugin doesn’t deliver any other improvements apart from 64-bit compatibility, but the reality is that this great little plugin hardly needs any other improvement. It could do with a few more surface scratch samples (the ones included sound slightly artificial, although it’s not noticeable if you reduce the volume of this particular effect) and perhaps a dry/wet knob to make the transformation from a processed lo-fi sound to 100% clean a bit easier. But that’s just nitpicking, really. Vinyl is a fantastic freeware effect and easily the best free vinylizer style VST plugin around.

Anyways, for those unfamiliar with iZotope Vinyl, this is an advanced lo fi plugin focused on emulating the sound of old vinyl records. It is advanced in the sense that you get a lot of control over the sound degradation process – there are several vinyl tones to choose from (from something very old like the 1950s to modern and cleaner 2000s vinyl), with plenty of adjustable parameters such as the mechanical noise, dust, warp (my favorite part of Vinyl!), the overall amount of wear, and so on. With so much hands-on control over the different parts of the vinyl emulation process, you can make the effect sound as realistic or unrealistic as you want. It’s possible to simulate the sound a brand new and super clean record, or some old scratched piece of vinyl that you found in a puddle in your street on a rainy day (hey, lucky you!).

One of the coolest things you can do with this plugin is to automate multiple parameters at the same time and try to emulate a sonic transformation of your project from an old vinyl record into a completely clean modern sound. It’s a bit cheesy, but nonetheless interesting sounding special effect, especially for use in jingles, commercials, etc.

The most important part of Vinyl for me, though, is the warp effect. You can use it to emulate the slightly unstable pitch of old records, but it can also be used to add a bit of that old audio cassette or VHS vibe to your tracks. I absolutely love using Vinyl’s warp tool on virtual synths, as well as on echoed guitars and various other textures that can be placed in the back of a mix and used to add a nice wobbly and organic character to the entire project.

Downloading your free copy of Vinyl is easy. Add it to your shopping cart on the product page linked below, complete the free checkout procedure and use your serial number (you will receive it via email) to authorize the plugin when you launch it for the first time. And here’s a fun little easter egg for you to check out: try clicking the screws in the corners of the GUI and see what happens!


Vinyl is available for free download via iZotope (50.3 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/RTAS plugin format for Windows & Mac OS).

Source: BPB

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