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Karoryfer Samples has released Weresax, an interesting free alto saxophone sample library for Plogue sforzando and all SFZ compatible virtual instruments.

 The library contains 256 samples in total (24-bit WAV format) with two velocity layers and two round robins per sampled note. The notes have been sampled chromatically across the standard saxophone range (32 sampled notes ranging from D♭2 to A♭4). The samples have been looped for infinite sustain.

Played as a regular saxophone, the library sounds great. It’s possible to get a natural sounding performance without too much effort, partly thanks to the excellent custom user interface for Plogue sforzando which provides direct control over the envelope, tremolo, vibrato and other relevant performance parameters. The built-in humanize controls work great for slightly randomizing the pitch and vibrato speed of each voice, leading to a more true to life sound.


Weresax is available for free download via Karoryfer Samples (189 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 256 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format, 13 instruments in SFZ format, sforzando preset bank in BANK format).

Source: BPB


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