Enough with pristine, immaculate in-the-box digital production. Let’s get back to grime and dirt.

Gorgeous distortion is on offer any time Legowelt is on a sound system live. So it’s great to see the same approach in a free sample pack. This is not a “Top Deep House Production Kit.” It’s samples Legowelt dragged off of old Amiga discs, cranked to be even more evil.


I had a quick play, so here’s a little sample of what this thing sounds like. Updated – fixed the file upload.

I love the marketing copy, too:

Introducing brand new technologies such as FLOCCULENCE, AMIGAnizer
and SKOOLY SPACE to give u a fresh spectaculair 909 experience u never had before!!!


Grab the Smackos AMIGA 909 as an Ableton Live pack (requires 9.5 or later) on the fancy, 1998-style Legowelt website:

via Synthtopia

Not a Live user? Unfortunately, it’s an .alp file, so while the sound samples are just WAV format, you’ll need someone with a copy of Live to open it. (You could also download the demo and get at the contents that way.)

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