Oldtape – Police Scanner Vol. 2 Oldtape - Police Scanner Vol. 2


Beatmaker and producer Oldtape has been the Venezuelan hip hop for quite some time as one of the most important producers of the scene, releasing major record materials and productions which include soloists and groups such as Séptima Raza, La EmineMCa, Al Otro Xtremo, Inpugna, Mercenario, Parkinzon, Kpo, ICEODC, La Causa, +NIS, McKlopedia, La Zaga, Repulsión, Pande, Fly Sinatra, Soires Naes and Akapellah among others.

His first shot at Optikal Dubs “Police Scanner Vol.2”, is a  three track compilation of mini-mixtapes series with several tracks made by Oldtape during the current year. The tunes ‘Expediente 002’, ‘Guiso Policial’ and ‘Pasando Revista’ relates the living day in Venezuela though a selection of samples extracted from a selection of venezuelan movies, T.V. shows, phat chunky beats and the features of  hip hop artist like Apache, Canserbero, Lil Supa and Randy Acosta.



Free Download Version (Mp3 320kbps) available here: