Ras Neftali – Steppaz Sound Killah LP

Ras Neftali - Steppaz Sound Killah LP


ODD11 – Ras Neftali – Steppaz Sound Killah LP

Optikal Dubs proudly presents “Steppaz Sound Killah”, a 12 track compilation produced by singjay, vocalist Ras Neftali, ambassador of the bass culture sound in Venezuela.

“Steppaz Sound Killah” was produced and composed by Ras Neftali alongside with collaboration from venezuelan fellow producer ZoundColector , who co-produced, mixed and mastered the long-term. The album also has collaborators of great stature in the Venezuelan reggae and dub scene as Onechot, Adelking Farmer and Alejandro “Motoraton” Garcia (both from the venezuelan reggae band Nou Vin Lakay ), and female singer Nayra Gutiérrez.

From the beginning to the end the album is fully influenced by the sound of dub music, the stepper , the rocker beat, early dancehall, and even dubstep and dub-techno, reflecting the “bass culture” taken from Jamaican and UK sound systems with a rootsy sound that moves forward through riddim-driven skanks, menacing sub basslines and heavy drops. Ras Neftali´s lyrical content speaks from personal and spiritual experiences, to social topics such as injustice and racial vindication.

With the release of the “Steppaz Sound Killah” Ras Neftali lays the foundation for his unique sound and place as one of the promising dub artists of 2015 and beyond.



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