Roland Cloud is a subscription service to access a growing list of synthesizers and sounds through four categories: Aira, Legendary, Tera, Anthology and FLAVR.

The service consists of a monthly flat rate that will allow you to access the contents of this cloud, which will grow over time but that are born with a very attractive offer, targeting a future community of users and services. It will offer access to synthesizers (VST and AU format) of the well-known Jupiter-8, Juno-106, Roland SH-101, SH-2, ProMars, System-100; Aira series with System-1 / System-8, and Roland D50‘s sounds in its section Anthology. This series will cover the period 1980-1992 with other instruments and sounds too.

Tera category offers the possibility of a keyboard player recording with your own resources and instruments, and then obtaining an interpretation of the ‘Tera Piano’ or any instrument chosen in Tera Section, all this in the highest quality. FLAVR is focused on sound collections from famous brands.

For enjoy these instruments you can use the System 8 hardware or subscribe to Roland Cloud.

The price of this service reaches 30 € per month, and you get a free trial month.

Watch video below.

Source: Roland Cloud

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