SynthMagic has introduced Wonky Tape PolyMoog, a free virtual instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt that is based on a set of tape processed Moog Polymoog 203a multi-samples.

 The instrument comes with one blank preset and 34 custom presets for NI Kontakt 5. The full version of Kontakt is required in order to use the instrument without any limitations. It will only work for fifteen minutes at a time in the freeware Kontakt Player.

The included patches are based on a set of six Polymoog 203a multi-sample sets. This already great sounding analog synthesizer was re-sampled from a reel-to-reel tape recorder, resulting in a wonderful collection of samples with added character and a slightly lo-fi sound. Unfortunately, the samples are not available as WAV files. Instead, they are included in Kontakt’s compressed NCW format.

The user interface looks very nice and provides direct control over the instrument’s amplitude attack/release, filter envelope and cutoff/resonance parameters. The front panel is also used to choose between the six available multi-sample sets, whereas the second panel hosts some additional controls for the built-in delay and phaser effects. It is also possible to adjust the instrument’s sensitivity to note velocity, as well as the glide amount.

Most importantly, the included presets sound a-m-a-z-i-n-g, especially if you’re into those classic vintage analog sounds from the late 70s. I also felt a very strong Boards Of Canada vibe while browsing through the available presets. The included patches are dusty, wobbly and unstable in the best of ways. Wonky Tape PolyMoog provides tons of useful content right out of the box. You will most definitely spend more time playing these presets than tweaking them into new sounds, simply because they already sound absolutely stellar to begin with.

The library is available for direct free download from SynthMagic’s official Facebook page, however they’re also mirroring the download on KVR Audio for non-Facebook users. The KVR Audio thread where you can grab your free copy of Wonky Tape PolyMoog is linked in the downloads section below.

Audio Demo

Check out the Wonky Tape PolyMoog audio demo:


Wonky Tape PolyMoog is available for free download via KVR Audio(210 MB download size, 246 MB size on disk, contains 35 presets in NKI format for NI Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher).

Source: BPB

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