Created by the family business Miniot, headed by Greet van den Berg and Peter Kolkman, Wheel is a minimalist turntable that reads the hidden face of the vinyl, a project that began as a campaign via Kickstarter.

All its technology is deposited in an aluminum plate, inside which there is an isolated space of vibrations, place where the arm It is, also motor, amplifiers and electronics in general, along with the capsule. The needle is oriented upwards, so it reads the underside of your vinyl, which also functions as a cover and protects all electronics components from dust.

Watch video below.

All functions are controlled from a center stick: on / off, play / pause, volume and skip to the next or previous track. This turntable can be used horizontally or vertically or you can hang it from the wall.

The arm is constructed with a single piece of laminated mahogany. The capsule is Audio-Technica AT95E, unlike the stylus, can not be replaced. The sound is send directly to the RCA outputs, with no conversions. A switch allows to change between phono signal or preamplified signal line, also offers a headphone amplifier with dedicated output.

Wheel needed to obtain a $ 50,000 in Kickstarter, and will go into production this year.

Source: kickstarter

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