Drum Jockey has announced the release of Drum Jockey’s 100 d&b Beats, a free collection of DnB drum loops in MIDI format, with additional preview WAV loops based on the samples from the Premium Drumz drum sample library by BHK Samples.

The included loops are organized into nine different folders by type. For example, there’s a folder for buildups, another folder for break beats, fills, etc. It’s a really well organized collection of drum grooves and I like how each included MIDI sequence comes with a preview WAV loop, so there’s no need to blindly load each MIDI file in your DAW in search for the right drum groove for your project. Check the whole BPB review here.

Video Demo

Check out the Drum Jockey’s 100 d&b Beats demo video:


Drum Jockey’s 100 d&b Beats is available for free download via YouTube (192 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 100 drum loops in MIDI format & 24-bit WAV format).

Source: BPB