Show your low-end some love with these tried and tested techniques

These days, every producer has access to music-making tools of such high quality and versatility that creating a decent-sounding bass might seem like the easiest thing in the world; but the problem, of course, is that everyone has access to these tools.

As you marvel at how simple it is to fire up a bass preset on a synth and tweak it slightly to ‘make it your own’, bear in mind that all of your contemporaries will have the option to take this path of least resistance, too – which means the ones who’ll stand out are those who work a bit harder.

To put it another way, we’d argue that you should give your bass tones the attention they deserve, as otherwise they run the risk of sounding at best generic, and at worst pretty lousy. With these 11 tips in your locker, that risk will be minimised, so read the Music Radar tutorial here.

Source: Music Radar