Pianovintage in association with Alexandre Sylla (sound design) et Minika (VST design) are proud to introduce their first VST instrument.

1984 is a virtual analog synthesizer with basic but efficient features !!! 1984 is compatible with most of sequencers : Cubase, Ableton Live…


  • Two oscillators with many waveforms.
  • Filter section including Moog filter type.
  • Envelope generator.
  • Built in effects Chorus and Echo.


  • PC computer only.
  • VSTi plugin.


    1. To install 1984, first unzip the file downloaded from Plugin Boutique.

    2. Next follow the file directory – Computer / System (C:) / Program Files / Steinberg – and drag the .dll file into the Steinberg folder.


    3. Open up your DAW and your software will now be ready to use.

    Source: Plugin Boutique