Source: Abletunes


“Tired of the same uplifter and white noise samples? Today, we bring you 31 fresh and high quality free Operator-based uplifter racks! You will find different kinds of uplifters – aggressive, exploding, simple and white noise. Each rack has useful Macro Controls so you can easily adjust them to fit your tracks. Moreover you can layer them or edit Operator settings to create your own unique uplifters. Speed up your music production process with these free uplifter racks. Enjoy!”

Abletunes has released Abletunes Uplifter Racks, a free collection of Ableton Live devices developed for easy creation of transition effect and noise SFX.

Abletunes Uplifter Racks is available for free download via Abletunes (225 kB download size, ZIP archive, contains 31 instrument racks in ADG format for Ableton Live).

Registration is not required in order to get this freebie pack. Simply hit the yellow Download button on the bottom of the page linked above to grab your free copy of the pack.

The freebie pack contains 31 devices in total. Each included device comes with a set of macro controls for easy parameter tweaking on the go. The devices are based on the Operator synthesizer which is bundled with Ableton Live. Of course, you’ll need Live to use these instrument racks – other DAWs are not supported.

Download Upflier racks at Abletunes Site