6 of the Best Free VST Plugin Instruments 2014

Not everything has to cost a fortune, as our list here proves. 6 of the best free VST plugins available in 2014 – this time instruments – for you to download today! Read on so you don’t miss out on our favourites and the reasons why we love them.


Daichi Synth1

Daichi Synth1 Free VST Plugin

Mac & PC

Synth1 might not be much of a looker, but when you hear it you won’t care – and probably won’t believe it’s on our free VST plugins list either. It’s got tons of sound design capability, with two oscillators and a sub all with sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waves. It’s got a capable LFO section, sweet filter, a built in arpeggiator, and great effects with multiple distortion types, a delay, and a chorus/flanger, It’s even got Unison mode with up to 8 voices, allowing Synth1 to make some absolutely enormous sounds.


Download Daichi Synth1

TAL Noisemaker

TAL Noisemaker Free VST Plugin

Mac & PC

TAL Noisemaker is a free virtual analogue synth with an easy to use interface, plenty of cool features, and a great sound. We especially like the envelope editor that lets you draw your own curves, creating some really interesting and unique sounds. There’s also some neat effects, including distortion, bit crushing, and delays – it’s great to be able to do these directly in the plugin to keep your preset completely recallable.


Download TAL Noisemaker

Native Instruments Komplete Players

Native Instruments Komplete Players Free VST Plugin

Mac & PC

Native Instruments are a major player in the VST plugin game, and Komplete is perhaps the largest and most complete collection of sampled instruments, synth plugins, and effects you can buy in a single package. Komplete Players are free VST plugins that gives you a taste of all that power. Kontakt Player provides sampled band, world, urban, vintage and synth instruments, Reaktor Player gives you a taste of some superb synths, and Guitar Rig gives you effects that are much more than just guitar effects. As a collection of free VST plugins, it’s generous and very, very usable.


Download Native Instruments Komplete Players

U-he Amazona Tyrell N6

U-he Tyrell N6 Free VST Plugin

Mac & PC

Tyrell N6 is a freebie from Amazona in collaboration with U-he, who create what many regard as the best VST plugins full stop, never mind the best free VST plugins. For a free VST plugin, Tyrell N6 sounds phenomenal – and just listen to the amazing presets that come with it if you’re in any doubt as to this seemingly basic synth’s capabilities. Oscillators can be set to any shape in between the archetypal sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square, delivering brilliant harmonic potential. The filter sounds terrific, and the modulation matrix makes uniquely evolving sounds possible. It’s a must download for anyone’s free VST plugins collection.


Download U-he Amazona Tyrell N6

Green Oak Software Crystal

Green Oak Software Crystal Free VST Plugin

Mac & PC

Crystal is a real gem (sorry) of a free VST plugin. It’s got a huge amount of sound design capability, with synth waveform oscillator types as well as sampled oscillators, per oscillator filters with saturation control, the ability to draw in your own curves for envelopes, and no less than four delays, all with the ability to have any voice feed into them. It’s got SIX LFOs, key split functionality to allow you to have different sounds across your keyboard, and an amazing mutation feature that allows you to morph one preset into another. As free VST plugins go, it’s pretty amazing.


Download Green Oak Software Crystal

4Front R-Piano

4Front R-Piano Free VST Plugin

Mac & PC

Sometimes all you want is a simple electric piano, and 4Front R-Piano fits the bill perfectly. It’s modelled after the classic Rhodes sound, and does well with the bark of Wurlitzer too. Like the best free VST plugins it’s a one stop shop – with its own reverb effect included – and you can get silky smooth all the way through to raspy roughness.


Download 4Front R-Piano

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