In this Ableton Live warping Tutorial, Ableton Certified Dubspot LA Instructor Thavius Beck demonstrates how to warp acapellas easily and consistently. 

Warping acapellas or beat-less sections of tracks in Ableton Live can be challenging at first. In this tutorial, Dubspot LA’s Thavius Beck shows his personal method of getting consistent and reliable results from warping acapellas. Thavius uses Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” track as an example in this video.

For an acapella with a steady beat, you really only need one warp marker. You can then manipulate the clip around your warp marker without any stretching of the audio. Thavius’s method starts with listening to the hook and using its implied rhythm to determine your one warp marker placement. Using his method, you’ll easily be able to incorporate vocals in your remixes. Check the entire tutorial at Dubpost Blog

Source: Dubspot blog