The Dutchman was on fighting form as he introduced tracks and waxed lyrical about the making of the LP as well as the EDM scene in general.

‘Forget The World’ is one of the big room dance records dropping this summer and comes in the wake of several top stars saying EDM is running out of ideas.

However, Afrojack was bubbling with energy when Mixmag met him backstage at Dstrkt in Soho. “If a DJ or producer feels that he ran out of ideas, that does not mean the entire scene has,” he told us.

“Some people aren’t going to understand my new album. They’re going to ask, ‘Where is the drop? I want to fist pump.’ You can fist pump at the festivals because I will make special edits,” he also said. “But for the album, I wanted to do something that I have never done before and that no one else has really tried. Everyone else has done their own kind of EDM album but I wanted to try a couple of things to make it more of a personal experience.”

Of course, ‘Forget The World’ is resolutely big room. It’s based on big, bouldering kicks and sharp bursts of adrenalin. But by “personal”, Afrojack means he’s created tracks in various shades of EDM. The LP begins with ‘Ten Feet Tall’ feat Wrabel and ‘Illuminate’ feat Matthew Koma, two pop-tinged cuts that are sweet and melodic, and ends with ‘Mexico’ feat Shirazi, which he reckons is the “craziest” thing he’s ever done, and ‘Keep Our Love Alive’ feat Matthew Koma, which is an epic strobe-lit banger readymade for American main stages. In classic dance music album style, ‘Forget The World’ floors it from soft to hard in 12 songs flat.

He speaks of surprises and these come in the form of ‘Dynamite’, the trap beat which boasts Snoop Dogg and a chorus that goes “Smoking on a fat blunt, turnt off the liquor, we turned up”, and ‘Too Wild’ with Wiz Khalifa and Devin Cruise, another buoyant rap beat that invokes the hedonistic spirit of spring break (“You say it’s too much but too much ain’t enough.”) Oh, and then there’s ‘Catch Tomorrow’ with Sting and ‘Three Strikes’, on which Jack McManus does his best Trent Reznor impression.

‘Forget The World’ is out on May 19

Source: mixmag