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  1. MV + Zardonic Remix – “Never Alone EP” Is Out On Optikal Dubs
  2. Free Download: Sample Pack Female Vocal By Ghosthack
  3. New Reason 10 is here with a great update!
  4. New ChamberTron RE Rack Extension for Reason is here
  5. Free Download: Ozone Imager Stereo Widener VST/AU Plugin by iZotope
  6. Mvse – “Wrecks (Original Mix / El $abor Remix)” – Is Out On Optikal Dubs
  7. Walstep – “Existence EP” Is Out On Optikal Dubs
  8. ZoundColector Ft. Blanquito Man & Candice Cannabis – One of a Kind / Spiritual Thing – Is Out On Optikal Dubs
  9. Free Download: EQuivocate Auditory Graphic EQ Plugin by Newfangled Audio
  10. Free Download: Small Saw – Folk Tool for Kontakt
  11. Free Download: MELT Factor – Pitch-Drifting Effect Rack for Ableton Live
  12. Download Free: Sprike Synthesizer VST/AU Plugin for Win/Mac
  13. New retro turntable by ION is coming…
  14. Optikal Dubs – “Tropic Bass” (Mixed By Tropikore) -Free Download-
  15. Optikal Dubs – Future Bass (Mixed by Shaka Bass) -Free Download-
  16. Optikal Dubs – Oldtape – (Police Scanner Vol. 2) -Free Download-
  17. Pioneer XDJ-RX2: New All-in-One Dj System
  18. Free Download: Gain12 VST/AU Plugin by Blue Lab Audio
  19. Ras Neftali – “Steppaz Sound Killah LP” Is Out On Optikal Dubs
  20. Free Download: MultiCrusher Free Distortion VST/AU Plugin
  21. Optikal Dubs – Jungle Mix 2 (Mixed By Dj Hooch) – Free Download –
  22. MV – “Rise Up EP” Is Out On Optikal Dubs
  23. New Maschine Mk3 by Native Instruments is here!!
  24. Spire Studio – New portable recorder for iOS by Izotope
  25. Free Download: Tracktion 6 – A complete DAW for producers! (Win / Mac / Linux)
  26. Roland D-50 will return!!
  27. Free Download: Limiter “Unlimited” Stereo/Surround by Sonic Anomaly
  28. Optikal Dubs – Trap (Mixed By Dj Magicdust) – Free Download –
  29. Free Download: Fetish Compressor VST Plugin by Analog Obsession
  30. Optikal Dubs – Global Spirit (Mixed by Reptilian Commander) -Free Download-