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For some years Behringer has shown its plans for foray into the manufacture of analog synthesizers. The company made its debut with DeepMind 12, and soon a new DeepMind 6 will be released. In addition, Behringer plans a version inspired directly in the Minimoog Model D.

The DeepMind 12, arrived earlier this year at $ 999.99 with interesting features like 12 notes of polyphony, 2 oscillators DCO (Digitally Controlled Oscillator), LP / HP VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter), amplifier VCA, noise generator, digital envelope control, 2 LFO per voice, legacy effects from Midas and TC Helicon consoles and more.

Now, DeepMind 6 is revealed, a 6-voice version that will provide Wi-Fi connection and inheriting many of the features of its older brother DeepMind 12. Also, the German company announced the DeepMind 12 desktop version at a price of $ 899.00. Both are in production phase.

The price of DeepMind 6 will be $ 699.00.

The company had also unveiled plans to build a synthesizer inspired by the Minimoog Model D, thinking of putting on hands to all musicians an instrument  with features like the classic Minimoog, following the company’s philosophy of supporting people with lower earnings.

Behringer D, Model D, Minimoog, Optikal Dubs

According to information published in Factmag magazine, Behringer the faculty to work with expired patent designs. This is not the first time that Behringer has been criticized for drawing on third-party designs, but the company moves away from copying products from its competitors to work on expired patents.

The Behringer D will have the same technology as Moog Model D, but it will look the aesthetic of the German company, making tribute to the original. It will be an Eurorack format module.

Watch New DeepMind 6 on a enterview from SonicState below.

Source: sonicstate

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