It’s here….The much anticipated video tutorial from Break’s amazing seminar delivery at the Digital Labz Summer meeting is ready for you to download and enjoy at home.

Charlie is nothing short of legend of the D&B scene, carving relentlessly outstanding music over the last 14 years, with 240+ releases on pretty much every big playing label, such as: Symmetry, Shogun, Ram, Metalheadz, No U-Turn, Soul:R, Critical and SO many more.

He goes over every element of his dance floor killer ‘Steam Train’ as well as a preview of a forthcoming track, using clear examples of how he gets the pioneering sound that he has achieved. With an aim to help you improve your own music, he reveals plug-ins, techniques and methods that have, as yet been a mystery to us all!

We are so proud to be offering this to you as a two part, top quality video, raising the bar on the world of tutorials once again.
A unique learning experience for anybody looking to up their game and their productions.

A big big BIG Video!

Click HERE to download the video

Click HERE to preview the video

Also a really great **INTERVIEW** with the man himself! HERE 

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