Kraftwerk Prepares New Live Album & 3D Concert Movie

Kraftwerk, the legendary band from Düsseldorf is preparing a new live album that will be accompanied by a 3D movie, a compilation that draws from all the latest tours and cultural events made by the German quartet.

The work is titled 3-D The Catalogue, gathering presentations in Art Galleries and those emblematic third dimension shows realized around the world.

Watch promo below.

According to information published in Pitchfork, the package can be enjoyed through various formats including 2D and 3D versions of eight classic Kraftwerk’s albums: Autobahn, Radioactivity, Trans Europe Express, The Man-Machine, Computer World, Techno Pop, The Mix and Tour De France.

The Blu-Ray version of 3-D The Catalogue will contain a 228-page book, featuring with DVD, Vinyl, CD, stream and digital download. In addition, two small versions will be released on Blu-Ray, DVD and double-vinyl.

The date of this release is scheduled for next 26th May.

Source: pitchfork

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S U R V I V E Explores Four Vintage Synths on Stranger Things Soundtrack

The original Netflix series, Stranger Things already has a special place among musicians and lovers of the futuristic aesthetics of the 80s.

His soundtrack penetrated the audience, thanks to his character and deepness; an example was many versions of producers and enthusiasts who risked to create the Stranger Things’s cool sound.

If you feel curious about the machines used in the main theme of the popular series, shows a video with details about all sound sources used in the creation of this soundtrack in its second season, that we can watch this year.

Stranger Things’ retro music was written by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, brains of  S U R V I V  E. They took advantage of a selection of classic and modern machines and synthesizers as well drum machines, to reach that classic sound like John Carpenter’s stuff.

In the video, S U R V I V E members explore four vintage synthesizers: Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Roland Juno-6, Korg Mono / Poly and the Roland TR-707 drum machine. Other than the well-known machines used by Dixon and Stein, include Moog Minimoog Model D, DigiTech Whammy II and Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man.

Here’s what the authors of the famous Stranger Things theme have to say.

Source: reverb

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Free ReForged Metallic Percussion Loop Library Released By Impact Soundworks


ReForged Sampler is a royalty free taster pack released by Impact Soundworks, featuring a collection of metallic percussion loops and NI Kontakt instrument patches from their commercial ReForged sound library.

The free taster pack contains a set of 42 high quality cinematic percussive loops selected from the full version of the product (available as WAV and REX loops), along with two NI Kontakt instrument patches witch are based on over 300 individual samples (these are not included as separate WAV files). Most importantly, all of the content included in the taster pack is completely royalty free, which is something that we don’t see very often.

The included percussive loops sound absolutely fantastic, and they’re especially worth the download if you compose cinematic soundtracks or like adding a cinematic feel to your music projects. The same goes for the two NKI patches which are a worthy addition to any composer’s sound library arsenal. Check out the audio demo attached to this article to hear some of these sounds in action.

Check the enitre BPB review here.

Audio Demo

Check out the ReForged audio demo:


ReForged Sampler is available for free download via Impact Soundworks (308 MB download size, RAR archive, contains 42 percussive loops in WAV/REX format, 2 instrument patches in NKI format for NI Kontakt).

Source:  BPB


10 Music documentaries every aspiring producer should see

With the news that Dave Grohl is making a film about his favourite studio Sound City, I thought it a good time to do a rundown of my all-time favourite music docs.


I spent ages sifting through the archives to bring you the definitive collection of films that should be on every musician and producers viewing list: regardless of your own genre, these are all massively inspiring and offer real insights into all sorts of production styles and creative processes, all of which will aid your own approach to music production. The list covers everything from Techno, House and Hip Hop to 60’s Pop, Rock, Metal, Dub and Dylan. Enjoy!


1. Tom Dowd & the Language of Music

Dir. Mark Moormann, 2004

This is perhaps the one unmissable film on the list, regardless of what kind of music you’re making. As well as telling the story of relatively little-known but hugely influential producer Tom Dowd, the film offers a fantastic history of recording and producing music, from the primitive early days to the computer/digital revolution. Thought-provoking and very inspiring. Get it here.

2. Scratch

Dir. Doug Pray, 2001

In Pray’s own words, “A feature-length documentary film about hip-hop DJing, otherwise known as turntablism. From the South Bronx in the 1970s to San Francisco now, the world’s best scratchers, beat-diggers, party-rockers, and producers wax poetic on beats, breaks, battles, and the infinite possibilities of vinyl.” Get it here.


3. High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music

Dir. Gary Bredow, 2006

This excellent film about the birth and evolution of Detroit Techno focuses on the holy trinity of the genre: Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson, and also features interviews with Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox and Matthew Dear. Essential viewing for every dance music producer. Get it here.


4. Scott Walker: 30 Century Man

Dir. Stephen Kijak, 2006

The story of a 60’s pop star turned reclusive, mysterious and actual genius producer, this film is a great watch even if you’ve never heard of Scott Walker. Not least because of the bizarreness of watching people who are icons in their own right, such as David Bowie, bowing down before his genius. Get it here.


5. Classic Albums – The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Electric Ladyland

Dir. Roger Pomphrey, 2005

What makes the Classic Albums series an absolute must view for every producer is the format of each film: it’s not just the story of the making of an album, but you actually sit down at the mix console with the producer, engineer or artists (sometimes all at once) and they talk through the individual elements of key songs, bringing up the faders for each track as they go.

The Electric Ladyland film is a favourite because it demonstrates how Hendrix (and his team, including engineer Eddie Kramer) was so ahead of his time in terms of how he constructed his songs with layers and effects in the studio, in a way we take for granted now. Get it here.


6. Moog

Dir. Hans Fjellestad, 2005

The story of Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog synth. It’s amazing to think just how far-reaching the effects of his work have been: would your favourite electronic genres sound the same if it hadn’t been for the Moog? The film also includes many good interviews with people like sometime-Nine Inch Nail Charlie Clouser, Keith Emerson, Luke Vibert, DJ Spooky and Beastie Boys DJ Mix Master Mike. Get it here.


7. Stones In Exile 

Dir. Stephen Kijak, 2010

This is the story of the making of the Rolling Stones’ Exile On Main St. album. At that time the Stones had literally been hounded out of England, so they decamped to the South of France, and set about recording in the sprawling basement complex of Keith Richards mansion. Great insight into a totally unorthodox approach (at least for the time) to recording, that ended up giving the album an incredibly atmospheric sound. Get it here.


8. Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution

Dir. Rob Johnstone 2008

If Bob Moog was the guy who created the potential, the equipment, for electronic music that would change everything, Kraftwerk were one of the bands that actually made that music. This film actually goes into the whole German ‘Krautrock’ scene that Kraftwerk sprung from, so you get nice bits of Neu!, Can, Cluster and Klaus Schulze too. And if you make music but don’t know who any of those bands or artists are you must watch this! Get it here.


9. Pioneers of Electronic Music, Vol. 1: Richie Hawtin

Dir. Slices Magazine, 2006

It’s fun going from the films on Moog and Kraftwerk to a profile of a producer who is really at the cutting edge of current technology and electronic music. A fascinating insight into Hawtin’s personal and creative lives, being part of the second wave of Detroit Techno producers (kind of), and his views and approach to technology in music.  Get it here.

NB: I haven’t been able to find any other ‘Volumes’ from this series, does anyone know if there are any / where to find them?


10. Classic Albums – Nirvana: Nevermind

Dir. Unknown, 2005

Another favourite from this series. Featuring amazing in-depth analysis of stuff like the harmonies between Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl’s voices, and how producer Butch Vig created the huge sounds of the guitars and Grohl’s drums.  An obvious must for every rock producer or musician, but also for electronic producers who can get some tips on bringing the energy and dynamism of rock to their sounds. Get it here.

Source: GTPS

808 movie charts the history of Roland’s iconic drum machine


It might not have blockbuster potential but, given its pre-eminent position in the history of electronic music, a film about Roland’s TR-808 drum machine seems like a pretty good shout.

Set for release next year, Atlantic Records’ 808 features appearances and commentary from Arthur Baker, Pharrell, David Guetta, Phil Collins, Lil Jon, Afrika Bambaataa, Norman Cook, Rick Rubin, Diplo, Goldie and more. It’s being directed by Alexander Dunn.

Check out the trailer for 808 above. You can keep up to date with its progress on the 808 movie website.

Source: MusicRadar

Watch a Short Documentary on Amsterdam’s Immersive 4DSOUND System


Produced by Ableton, a new documentary takes an in-depth look at 4DSOUND, an Amsterdam performance space which features a three-dimensional grid of 48 speakers.The short film explores the concept and technology behind 4DSOUND—which is said to “allow a musician to position and fluidly move sounds spatially”—by focusing on German producer Stimming‘s planning and interaction with the system prior to a performance in the space. In addition, the documentary discusses the project with 4DSound founder Paul Oomen, who further illuminates the abilities of the system. In a second video, 4DSound Creative Developer Salvador Breed explains how Max and Max for Live are used to let artists control the spatial locations of their audio within the 48-speaker grid.

Both videos can be watched in full below, where Stimming’s resulting performance can also be streamed and downloaded in full (Ableton recommends using headphones to listen to the binaural recording).

Source: xlr8r

Free Cinematic Sound Effects Sample Collection By Generdyn On 99Sounds!


99Sounds has released Cinematic Sound Effects, a free collection of futuristic sound effects for film score composers and electronic dance musicians designed by Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn.

The library contains 50 modern cinematic sound effects such as impact sounds, atmospheric textures, tension builders and background loops. I was literally blown away by these sounds on the first listen, especially their high production value and the variety of the included samples.

The dramatic background loops are my absolute favorite part of the library, along with the tension building riser sounds which could work great in action movie trailers as well as EDM bangers. The impact samples are also quite impressive and I’m sure that you’ll find a couple of favorites among them which you’ll be adding to your SFX stash.

Apart from the one shot samples and loops in 24-bit WAV format, the library also features a NKI patch forKontakt 5 and a handy SFZ patch which you can use in freeware samplers such as Zampler by Beat Magazine. The Kontakt 5 patch features a custom user interface with built-in controls for the filter section and basic envelope parameters.

The included samples were crafted by Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn, a brilliant soundtrack composer and sound designer from Brisbane, Australia. You can take a listen  to several examples of his sound design work if you check out his SoundCloud stream. Links to his official website and his Facebook profile are featured on the product page linked below.

For more sounds of this type, check out Rumore Cinematic Impacts by HAL9K and The Weird Side Samples collection by Introspectral, both of which are available for free download via 99Sounds. Also, feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in releasing your own sample libraries on 99Sounds!

Audio Demo

Check out the Cinematic Sound Effects audio demo:


Cinematic Sound Effects is available for free download via 99Sounds (72.9 MB download size, RAR archive, contains 50 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format, 1 NKI patch for NI Kontakt, 1 SFZ patch for compatible sampler instruments).

Source: BPB

Skream: “Come With Me” – Watch The Trailblazer’s Final Word On Dubstep And Disco

Skream is undoubtedly the most engaging personality to be propelled forth from the bloom and burst of dubstep culture. THUMP sat down with the always raw and often controversial Ollie Jones to pick his brains on the musical progression he’s undertaken– Alternately titled “Come With Me (or Fuck Off),” our new documentary follows Skream from the nascent days of UK dubstep, through the worldwide rinsing of crunchy tearout sounds, to his current house-driven incarnation.

Also discussed are that Boiler Room gig, footage from throughout his career, and a direct response to those who accuse him of bangwaggonery.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 2


Metalheadz celebrates 20 years with new mini-doc


Breakbeat era, indeed. Celebrating its two landmark decades in the global drum & bass game, iconic UK imprint Metalheadz have dropped a new, nine-minute documentary entitled 20 Years Of Metalheads: The Future. Leading off with candid insights from its talisman himself Goldie, director Lyle Lindgren spotlights some of the up-and-coming artists leading the label forward at the moment including Jubei, Lenzman, Mako, Ulterior Motive, and more. Tune into 20 Years Of Metalheads: The Future below and catch the previous two-part Metalheadz history lesson documentaries as well in case you missed them.

Watch the complete Metalheadz mini-doc now:

Source: news.beatport

Remembering the UK’s ’90s club culture featuring The Prodigy and Tonka Soundsystem


Welcome to our hectic Hump Day edition of the Morning Roundup. Today, we’ve got Thump looking back at The Prodigy, a 20-minute mini-doc on the UK’s Tonka Soundsystem, and a Fact TV interview with Ninja Tune’s Lee Bannon. Read this way for our complete wrap-up.

– Thrills, chills, pills, and bellyaches! Thump contributor Joe Muggs takes a long look back at the Prodigy’s landmark 1994 album Music for the Jilted Generation. Watch the band play “Their Law” live in Moscow below. (full story)

– In other ’90s related news, a 20-minute documentary has just surfaced on the infamous UK-based Tonka Soundsystem. A youthful DJ Harvey also makes a notable guest appearance in the video below. (full story)

– Breakthrough LA-based beatmaker Napolian (aka Ian Evans) recently released his album Incursio on Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software label back in May and has also dropped a fresh video for standout single “Reminisce.” Watch it now.

– So what’s the deal with bass augmentation devices? Find out in DJ Tech Tools’ new in-depth feature that explores this wearable bass-device phenomenon. Catch the 7-minute video below and get the scoop right here: (full story)

Finally, Fact TV linked up with Ninja Tune’s genre-bending artist Lee Bannon during Montreal’s Mutek festival. In his video interview, he talks about his recent chat with Goldie, exploring custom-made software, and how catching The Crystal Method led to his hardcore music obsession. Watch it now.

Source: news.beatport

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