Free Download: Synthesizer Inspired On Buchla 200 Modular System

Created by Trevor Gavilan, Cloudlab 200t is a virtual instrument based on the modular Buchla synthesizers, and its particular modulation and interconnection system.

The Cloudlab 200t looks for an approach to the original instruments, something completely understandable if we take into account that the Buchla synths is not only original for its sound itself, also is because its interaction and the way to create and generating sounds connecting modules. A synthesizer that offers a unique design thanks to its logic in the construction of all its components.

Check demo below.

It works with Reaktor 6, it should be noted that this synth is not an official emulation by BEMI Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments. This ensemble has been created for fun having a Buchla resemblance and workflow for inspirational purposes.

You can download it for free here!

Source: Native Instruments


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Get FREE Monster Sounds And Niche Audio Label Samplers Via Loopmasters


Loopmasters have announced the availability of two free taster packs which showcase a selection of royalty free audio samples and loops from commercial sound libraries released by Monster Soundsand Niche Audio labels.

The Niche Audio taster pack is released as part of a 30% discount offer on all Niche Audio products, which will end on September 24th. The freebie download contains 174 one shot samples in 24-bit WAV format, which is quite generous for a taster pack. There’s plenty of cool sounds inside the pack, including some meaty Roland TR-909 drum machine samples (get more of those in our Cassette 909free sample pack!), some great sounding dubstep samples and loads of other interesting stuff. The pack also includes Ableton Live and NI Maschine 2.0 project templates. You should definitely grab this one, considering all the quality stuff inside.

The Monster Sounds sampler was released during a promotion which has ended on September 17th (sorry for not announcing this one earlier!), however the taster pack can still be downloaded for free from the Loopmasters website. The taster pack contains a selection of sounds from five different releases, with 41 audio samples in total. There’s quite a bit of variety to the included sounds, as the taster pack contains a set of hip hop acapellas, along with EDM loops and some funky stabs.

Both packs require the user to be logged in to their Loopmasters user account prior to downloading. To grab these sounds for free, you should add both taster packs to your shopping cart and log in to your user account, after which you can proceed with the free checkout process. I was a bit surprised when I noticed that the only option during checkout is to click a button labeled “Pay With A Credit Card”, however once you click that you’ll get the download links and there’s no need to input any additional data. Check the entire BPB review here.


Monster Sounds Label Sampler (53.9 MB download size, ZIP archive, 67.2 MB size on disk, the taster pack contains 41 royalty free audio samples in 24-bit WAV format).

Niche Audio Label Sampler (63.3 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 174 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format, 8 NI Maschine project templates in MXPRJ format, 1 Ableton Live project template in ALP format).

Source: BPB

The rise of G-House: A hip-hop-influenced sound brimming with swagger and soul


A few years ago, a new sub-genre bubbled up from the innovative depths of house music. Dubbed by many in the scene as G-House, or “gangsta house,” it’s an umbrella term characterized by the layering of rap/hip-hop hooks or vocal samples over a bassline and groove. (Think tech house with a laidback gangsta-lean.) These rhythms were first associated with the genre back in the summer of 2012, much in part to the French duo Amine Edge & DANCE’s release of “Going to Heaven with the Goodie-Goodies,” which looped a Notorious B.I.G. vocal sample from the ’90s. Even prior to “Goodie-Goodies,” a slew of other artists like Sharam Jey and Soul Clap also churned out tracks, but with funkier, less bass-driven rhythms and with more emphasis on the melodies. Producers like LA-based Destructo (aka Hard Events CEO and founder Gary Richards, shown above) and Sirus Hood, on the other hand, showcase more of a “West Coast” vibe in their dance repertoire. A number of record labels have been serving up some delectable treats including CUFF, Amine Edge & Dance’s label, that’s one of the more widely recognized labels in the G scene, but other labels like Sleazy G and Bunny Tiger have yielded stellar productions as well, with Bunny Tiger featuring a more melodic side of G-House along with disco.  Read the whole piece writen by Beatport‘s Airee Kim here.

Source: Beatport