New retro turntable by ION is coming…

The ION team launched ION Audio Digital LP 4-in-1, a new four-in-one retro style record player, reminiscent of the design of the Braun SK line of the 50s and 60s.

The music center features a turntable, digital / FM radio, USB and AUX inputs, and built-in headphone jack. The look is adorable, however, it has no adjustable arm.

Price: £99.99

Available next 2nd October.


  • 4-in-1 retro music centre with Turntable, DAB/FM radio, USB and Aux inputs
  • Sensitive DAB+ FM tuner plays digital radio with unsurpassed audio quality
  • 3-speed belt-drive turntable plays all your vinyl records (33 1/3, 45,78rpm)
  • Digital Tick Mark-certified, indicating that radio is future-ready
  • Built-in speakers and headphone jack for private listening

Source: ionaudio

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Rane presents a new media player for digital Djs

Rane introduced a new media player with a turntable aesthetic.

The Twelve Controller is made for digital djs. The controller works with Serato, and features a 12″ turntable similar to a classic turntable Technics. Obviously, it has no arm or needle but is perfect for those Djs who enjoy a sense of control like vinyl records.

Track and playback search is done with a multifunction touch strip.

With Twelve, all djs can scratch and play with all the spontaneity and creativity of a turntablist.

Twelve will be available in Q4 2017, priced at $ 799.


  • Full 12” Vinyl with motorized platter to control playback
  • Traditional, familiar turntable layout, no need to learn something new
  • Strip Search with 8 hot cue triggers access
  • 5.0 kfcm High torque motor with Hi/Low torque adjust for more traditional setups
  • 4 decks of control so you can use one, two or more
  • Extreme precision—3600 ticks of platter resolution for seamless performance
  • MIDI interface via USB that can be connected to the SEVENTY-TWO or your computer
  • 33 1/3 and 45 rpm platter speeds
  • 8/16/50% pitch with precise dual resolution detented slider
  • Top Panel rotary and traditional Motor Off switch, allows traditional wind down effects
  • Serato DJ OSA READY

Source: Rane

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Google celebrates the 44th Anniversary of Hip-Hop culture!!

The Google team has created a very special doodle that lets you play music from your own web browser. This doodle is dedicated to Hip-Hop movement’s anniversary that according to Google reach 44 years.

Check doodle Hip Hop Anniversary here.

Entering the doodle you can use a set of two turntables, a crossfader, a BPM control and a small collection of classic drum breaks, loops and samples. You also have a “sync” button that you can also deactivate to synchronize beats by hand.

Each recording is in stereo, so you can use your headphones or speakers you already have. A nice doodle to enjoy this curious tribute that includes a realistic experience of playing music and recordings.

You can see here how this great doodle was created.

Source: google

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MIXXTAPE – The Cassette is Reinvented!!

Mixxtape - optikal dubs

For those nostalgic who would like return to the cassette style, Mixxim team has developed a new music player based on the design of the iconic cassette.

The MIXXTAPE offers a carbon fiber finish, LCD display, touch controls, Bluetooth + EDR, headphone jack, aux 3.5 port and a support for SD card with 64 GB of storage. In addition, it has a USB 2 that allows connection to PC or Mac for transfer music.

The gadget also features a rechargeable 330 mAh battery that provides up to 12 hours of playback, just with one hour of charging. MIXXTAPE can be played as a cassette, supporting digital files such as MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and functions as random playback or remote control in upcoming releases versions.

Mixxtape - optikal dubs

Those who want to buy the new MIXXTAPE you can get it for $ 80. However, also you can get a 50% discount from Kickstarter website.

Key Features:

  • Built-in LCD Display & Touch Controls – Enables simple, on-the-move navigation of your music
  • Headphone Jack – Stereo 3.5mm HiFi audio output
  • Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR – Allow easy connectivity to Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and other compatible peripherals
  • Plays As A Cassette – Will play in most standard cassette players
  • Memory Card Slot – Virtually unlimited storage options (Supports microSD up to 64GB. 8GB card included.)
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery – The 330mAh battery provides up to 12 hours of playback
  • Rapid Charging – Fully charges in less than an hour
  • Supported Formats – Include FLAC, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, WAV, AAC-LC, ACELP, and Audible
  • USB 2.0 Port – Quickly connect to a PC or Mac to transfer music
  • Carbon Fiber Finish – Premium luxury and innovation

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Source: kickstarter

LOVE: A Revolutionary New Rotating Pad For Listen your Vinyl Collection

LOVE is a device that can play your vinyl records through a rotating pad, which is placed on top of the disc and rotates counterclockwise on a still record. LOVE completely redefines the record player by keeping the record stationary while preserving the classic sound we’ve grown accustomed to.

It can be connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, to the revolutions of (33 ⅓ or 45 RPM) counting on a conventional needle that also, can be replaced. It has an elegant design, signed by Yves Behary can be controlled optionally from your smartphone with its own app, from which we can skip and repeat tracks, change the volume or RPM and display the album cover. It also offers 3.5mm output and RCA with an adapter.

Watch video bellow.

You can play 12, 10 and 7 inch discs. It works with a lithium battery that allows you to listen to over 15 complete sides of 12 “LP records and takes roughly 1.5 hours to recharge.

LOVE started as a Kickstarter project and has already exceeded its funding goals.

It will be available to the first backers from October 2017.

You will get 47% off retail price of $599.


  • Audio Specs

Phono Cartridge: Standard phonograph cartridge, user replaceable 

Wow and Flutter: 0.2% maximum  

Rumble: < -60dBa (DIN 45539)

Bandwidth (3dB): 20 Hz to 18 KHz  

Sample rate: 44 kHz, 16 bit stereo 

Channel Separation: 25dB at 1kHz

Channel Balance: 2dB

Indicators – LED: on/off, Buttons: Power on/off + Start/stop play, Optical Sensor detector to find tracks and edge of media.

Power and Battery – Plays roughly 15 full 12 inch LP records.

  • Input: 100-240vac
  • Output: 5vdc 2A



  • Hardware Specs

Dimensions – Arm: 10” x 3.5” (w) x 2” (h) | Record Base: 7” round

Weight – Arm: ~ 450g (16 oz) | Record Base: ~225g (8 oz)

  • Software Spec

LOVE Smartphone App – The mobile application provides the primary user interface for the turntable. It allows control of all playing functions, connects to the database, or to selected third party services.

Remote Control – The app will provide a remote control interface to allow control of all playing functions.  

  • Play, stop, pause, volume, speed, select track, skip track. 
  • Control should be via BT directly to the turntable. 
  • Selected audio output device/service destination

Content Metadata Display – The app can display data about the currently playing music that is reported from a 3rd party service such as Discogs.

Sonos API – Comply with Sonos API to allow play controls and audio streaming with Sonos service via WiFi internet

Stream audio content to any of the following:  

  • Wi-Fi speakers  
  • Bluetooth speakers  
  • Bluetooth aptX receivers  
  • Sonos  
  • DLNA media players 
  • Music recognition service (in parallel to any other stream)

Operating Systems – Android and iOS

  • iOS6 and later  
  • iPhone 5 and later  
  • iPad2 and later
  • Android OS 6 and later 

Source: kickstarter


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Tutorial: Panning – 10 Tricks to Improve Your Mixes

Panning techniques can be used to create space, and a much more immersive musical experience.

In much of today’s music, the central rhythm and solo voice are the main focus of the mix. Because of this, the bass drum, snare and singing voice are centrally located – usually called ‘C’ or ‘0’ in most DAW software.

Usually, the rest of the elements in the mix is ​​what the engineer, technician or producer uses to create a stereo image of the track. Our ears tend to focus on the elements of the mix that are in the center or panned at the left or right ends, while the rest becomes more diffuse.

The idea is to create an image in audio to obtain movement and excitement, making elements appear in the stereo field to maintain attention of the listener. In many cases you can close your eyes to visualize the musicians playing their instruments as if they were positioned on the stage.

We provide some guidelines, along with certain tricks and practical advice.-

  • 1) Duplicates Guitars: When you record doubled guitars (recording the same part twice on separate tracks), if you separate one track completely to the left and the other fully to the right, you will get a much fuller sound without needing to saturate the whole arrangement.
  • 2) Complementary Panning: If you have two instruments in your mix that occupy a similar range of frequencies, try to pan each one opposite the other. It does not have to be to extremes. For example, a guitar slightly panned to the left could complement a keyboard that is slightly to the right. This creates a better balance in your mix, and the listener does not perceive all the instruments as coming from the same position, which can fatigue and make the listening boring and confusing.
  • 3) Snare in the center or outside it: Pan your snare completely in the center makes your sound with much punch. While sending it slightly to one side, it can make the listener focus more on other elements, such as the lead vocals or bass drum.
  • 4) Closed strophe, wide chorus: Try a more closed stereo image throughout the mix during the strophes of your songs, but apply a more open image when panning the elements of the choruses beyond the center. Keeping certain elements in that way – or simply at specific moment – will create interest in your tracks.
  • 5) Listen to it in mono: Try listening your mix in monophonic mode to make sure you are not missing out on the process. You may have spent a lot of time working on the panning of all the tracks, just to realize after your mix sounded much more shocking at first!

  • 6) Keep in mind clubs: If you are mixing any type of electronic music that is susceptible to be played in a club, keep in mind that many of these systems sound works in mono. The provision of identical audio signals panned left and right may cause phase cancellations during monophonic playbacks, particularly in the bass area. Create a good and wide stereo mix, but go alternating mono to make sure you will not lose anything when playing your music on monophonic systems.
  • 7) Check with headphones: Listen to your mix with headphones to make sure it does not sound incoherent or unbalanced. Your studio monitors may be excellent, but since your headphones will not have crosstalk problems (right speaker information interfering with your left ear, and vice versa), your experience will sound different. Remember, perhaps most of your audience will eventually hear your music through headphones!
  • 8) Do not overload: Try that items that pan on the left or right do not overload too much, rhythmically speaking. For example, mixing two rhythm instruments that occupy a similar range at high frequencies – such as an acoustic guitar and a hi-hat – you can locate each on opposite sides. If these two instruments normally play a similar rhythm (1/8 or 1/16 measures), holding them in opposite panoramas will create a similar rhythmic feel on both speakers. Panning too many rhythmic elements in a single channel can distract too much.

  • 9) Give it a vintage air: That said, some old recordings – or modern mixes made with nostalgia and classical methods – tend to pan the battery almost to the right of the whole set, while the bass is in opposition, to the left. Doing this may compel listeners to listen with more effort and attention, but could result in interesting textures for your music.
  • 10) Less is more: Many times, the broadest mixes do not come from panning everything, but from doing so only in certain interesting elements, while maintaining a balanced center and with footprint. This type of mix usually sounds correctly in mono, too.

Try to give space and amplitude to a single element of your mix, such as double guitars, a piano track or aerial drums, and leave the rest around the center, taking care of the levels and applying an EQ with judgment and moderation.

Source: futuremusic


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Beatport will relaunch as free streaming service in 2015

beatport-relaunch-streaming-service-640x360It’s been nearly two years with SFX Entertainment at the helm of Beatport, which in the last year alone has seen the launch of Beatport Pro (the desktop organization system + media player) and identically-named Beatport Pro (the new redesign of their online music store).

Now is about to have a major pivot, according to the Wall Street Journal, designed to attract fans of the many festivals that SFX is also behind. The pivot? Music streaming:

“Rather than selling downloads, the new site will feature a free, ad-supported music streaming service and the ability to listen on-demand to a catalog of mostly electronic songs”

If you’re concerned about one of the best services for buying electronic music going stream-only, don’t fear. Beatport Pro will stick around as the storefront.

Beatport is now mounting the difficult obstacle of negotiating streaming rights for all of the music on the site – something that’s easier when dealing with small labels than with massive majors. WSJ speculates that many of SFX’s acquisitions will play a role in the new Beatport, which could act as

“a community center for dance-music fans, showcasing event information, artist profiles and, potentially, live-streamed performances […] The site is likely to incorporate SFX’s latest acquisitions: a music-based social network called Listn, and, which allows users to listen in real time to what’s being played in clubs around the world.

The goal: To funnel the roughly 300 million fans each year who visit SFX’s 59 separate websites, or view its content elsewhere, into one place, so that advertisers can reach them more efficiently, the company has said.”

We’re still waiting on more details to emerge from Beatport themselves – but it seems pretty clear that the Journal’s source knows what they’re talking about.

What do you imagine the new Beatport will be like? Let us know in the comments. 

Remix Competition: Singer/Songwriter Viv May

Singer/songwriter Viv May is on the look out for producers to collaborate with, and this is an opportunity for Point Blank students to produce their own remix using Viv’s vocals from her latest project. Viv previously studied the Singing course at Point Blank and has since become an integral part of many Point Blank sessions, recording vocals for some of their online courses, taking part in the Ableton Push Challenge and being involved in live performances at the BPM Show. You can check out Viv’s remake in the video.

they’re keen to get equally talented producers from Point Blank London and their online courses collaborating with Viv, so as a special incentive they are giving away one of our eight-week online courses to the best remix effort. You can download the vocal parts right here and the deadline for submission is 31st December, so get yourself involved! Please email Matt with a brief intro along with your entry, which can be a download or SoundCloud link. We’ll announce the winning entry in early January.


Vinyl sales rise another 40 % in the first half of 2014


The growth of vinyl record sales is becoming a familiar story.

Then again, the best stories are the ones you’re happy to hear time and time again. Industry watchdog Nielsen SoundScan have released their mid-year report for music sales in the USA, revealing that vinyl sales are up another 40% on last year’s record breaking figures.

Although still just a small proportion of the market share, it is growth only comparable with that seen in online streams, suggesting that fans are opting to consume music in the two most polarised formats; either as instant streams over which they have no ownership, or as vinyl records, that represent the most fundamental sound carrier available. Aside from the doomed CD, the unlikely losers are MP3 downloads, which slumped by 13%.

As David Bakula, SVP at Nielsen Entertainment explains: “Streaming’s 42% year-over-year growth and Vinyl LP’s 40% increase over last year’s record-setting pace shows interest in buying and consuming music continues to be robust, with two very distinct segments of the industry expanding substantially.” [via Billboard]

If you count yourself at least partly responsible for this rise in vinyl sales, why not check out our guide tothe best turntables on the market.

Source: thevinylfactory


Optikal Dubs Records Presents “One of a Kind” Music Video – Directed by Edicson Nieto

Optikal Dubs Records presents “One of a Kind” music video directed by Edicson Nieto and with the participation of New York duo Blanquito Man (King Changó, Gold record, 50,000 units sold) and Candice Cannabis alongside Venezuelan producer ZoundColector. Filmed in New York (USA) and Caracas (Venezuela) One of a Kind” shows philosophy crossing continents and cultures. As the video unfolds you can see idiosyncrasy, culture and the features of both capitals such as New York and Caracas. Production shooting in Caracas, Venezuela was in charge of José Parra, while filming in New York was made by Andrew Blanco and Candice Owens. Carlos Bravo and Andrew Blanco takes care of the Photography Direction, both in Caracas and New York respectively.

“One Of A Kind” merges the electronic with the organic, with rushing breaks underpinning some neat melodies and positive feel. There are flashes of the old skool in the beats, and the invigorating vocals from Blanquito and Candice work brilliantly. The single “One of a Kind” was released past May 5, you can get it here.


Executive Producer & Director: Edicson Nieto.

Production: José Parra, Carlos Bravo, Andrew Blanco, Candice Owens.

Photography Direction: Carlos Bravo (CCS), Andrew Blanco (NYC).

Camera: Carlos Bravo, Johan Canelo, Andrew Blanco, Candice Owens.