Optikal Dubs Records Presents “One of a Kind” Music Video – Directed by Edicson Nieto

Optikal Dubs Records presents “One of a Kind” music video directed by Edicson Nieto and with the participation of New York duo Blanquito Man (King Changó, Gold record, 50,000 units sold) and Candice Cannabis alongside Venezuelan producer ZoundColector. Filmed in New York (USA) and Caracas (Venezuela) One of a Kind” shows philosophy crossing continents and cultures. As the video unfolds you can see idiosyncrasy, culture and the features of both capitals such as New York and Caracas. Production shooting in Caracas, Venezuela was in charge of José Parra, while filming in New York was made by Andrew Blanco and Candice Owens. Carlos Bravo and Andrew Blanco takes care of the Photography Direction, both in Caracas and New York respectively.

“One Of A Kind” merges the electronic with the organic, with rushing breaks underpinning some neat melodies and positive feel. There are flashes of the old skool in the beats, and the invigorating vocals from Blanquito and Candice work brilliantly. The single “One of a Kind” was released past May 5, you can get it here.


Executive Producer & Director: Edicson Nieto.

Production: José Parra, Carlos Bravo, Andrew Blanco, Candice Owens.

Photography Direction: Carlos Bravo (CCS), Andrew Blanco (NYC).

Camera: Carlos Bravo, Johan Canelo, Andrew Blanco, Candice Owens.