New Synth Inspired On Legendary Yamaha CS-80 Was Created

Deckard's Dream - Blade Runner

We were all captivated by the soundtrack of the film Blade Runner (1982), Vangelis creation that raised to a cult work inspired by Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

That dystopian sound came from the Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer of 1976, a legendary instrument due to of its sound, timbre molding versatility and its personality; mostly used by important music stars. Only 200 units were manufactured.

Now, a unofficial clone of the iconic synthesizer has been made: the Deckard’s Dream. The synth can be pre-ordered for $ 3,749. The piece has received good reviews for its look and amazing sound, justifying its high price, even if it’s considerably lower than the original CS-80 that reaches $ 15,000.

Deckard’s Dream is available for pre-order here.

Check promo below.

Listen demo below.


  • 16 VCOs – 8-voice polyphony with two independent synthesizer layers per voice, discrete waveshapers help to reproduce the oddness of the original waveforms. Autotune keeps all 16 VCOs tracking perfectly, with detune settings for a vintage feel.
  • Polyphonic aftertouch and MPE – MIDI polyphonic aftertouch gives deckard’s dream expression that has only been possible on a very small number of synthesizers. MPE technology (using controllers by ROLI, LinnStrument, Haken) takes this even further with the addition of poly pitch bend.
  • DIY Version Available – DIY kits with all digital SMT parts preinstalled. A very detailed building manual, large thru-hole components and a simple calibration procedure will allow even beginners to build this kit.
  • MIDI, USB, VST/AU editor – With the addition of MIDI implementation, 256 presets and a software editor provided by Spektro Audio, this vintage inspired poly synth is at home in any modern studio.
  • Analogue effects and CV inputs – 1U rackmount expander is coming later this summer: 16 assignable CV inputs, analogue ring-modulator and chorus, missing Sustain I/II controls. may be used as a standalone effects box and a cv-2-midi convertor.

Source: deckardsdream

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Mondo Celebrates “Alien Day” With Original Alien Soundtrack Reissue On 4LP Vinyl

Alien Day - Mondo - Soundtrack - Optikal Dubs

Today, for all big fans of Alien franchise, we are celebrating Alien Day. The saga that began in 1979 has an unquestionable reach in the science fiction world, for that reason, we are happy to pay tribute to this nasty creature and to all its universe, this date 26th April.

Why do we celebrate Alien Day today? Do you remember the planetoid where Nostromo guys find eggs of the xenomorphs? Well, that planet is called LV-426 the place where everything begins, and that is why the date coincides perfectly with the genesis of this whole horror films world.

Alien LV426

Mondo label pays tribute to this special day. The original soundtrack composed by Jerry Goldsmith will be released in a 4xLP vinyl color 180g Special Edition. The sleeves of each record, were created by Tyler Stout, with different illustrations, ranging from egg to its final Xenomorph form.

Also be released a 2xLP on vinyl 180g black or color, with Kilian Eng illustrations.

Price: $75

It is worth mentioning, that according to information from The Vinyl Factory magazine, last year Mondo celebrated Alien Day with a vinyl release filled with liquid, limited to only 75 copies.

Today fans will celebrate with global live stream event in Fox Studios L.A.

Today you can make Pre-Orders on

Check photos below.

Alien Day - Mondo - Soundtrack - Optikal Dubs

By Ed Vera

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Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack) Coming Soon On Special Edition Vinyl

Those who have immersed themselves in cyberpunk’s works and dystopian territories have not indifferent to the aesthetics or music of these worlds. Such is the case of Ghost in the Shell from 1995, directed by Mamoru Oshiil, based on the homonymous work of Masamune Shirow that inspired successful proposals like The Matrix.

Kenji Kawai is responsible for the disturbing music of Ghost in The Shell. One track that was etched in the minds of many is “Making The Cyborg”, a composition where female choirs evoke perfectly the dystopia of Shirow’s world in those scenes where we could appreciate how Major is create, showing us the scope of the technology, a beautiful landscape as disturbing.

Ghost in the shell -Optikal Records

According to information from WRWTFWWR:

For its iconic main theme “Making of Cyborg”, Kawai had a choir chant a wedding song in ancient Japanese following Bulgarian folk harmonies, setting the standard for timeless and unparalleled soundtrack that admirably echoes the film’s musings on the nature of humanity in a Technologically advanced world.”

For all fans of this anime, and taking advantage of the arrival of the film starring by Scarlett Johansson, will be released the original full Ghost In The Shell Soundtrack on vinyl through We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records.

The release is scheduled for next June this year, a special edition and standard LP version. The special edition includes an additional LP + 7 “+ OBI + Silver Foil + Extensive 24-page liner notes.

Price: Regular Edition 25 / Limited Edition 40.

Listen original soundtrack below.


  • LP :
    A1 謡I – Making Of Cyborg
    A2 Ghosthack
    A3 Puppetmaster
    A4 Virtual Crime
    A5 謡II – Ghost City
    B1 Access
    B2 Nightstalker
    B3 Floating Museum
    B4 Ghostdive
    B5 謡III – Reincarnation
  • Bonus 7” (limited edition only) :
    A1 挿入歌 毎天見一見! (See You Everyday)

Source: wrwtfww

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Stranger Things Music Is Now On Double Vinyl Set Box Limited Edition

Since that the popular Stranger Things TV Show  arrives to Netflix, one of the most captivating elements of this production was its soundtrack written by musicians Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E.

Now, for fans of this vintage sound, Lakeshore and Invada Records’s label release two Box Sets in double vinyl of different colors with character cards. In Volume 1 we can enjoy images of the children, and Volume 2 we get the adults pics.

Each label has its own variant. Invada Records’s label presents a double set in clear splatter vinyl. Both come with new illustrations and a fold-out poster.

Price: £25.99

Buy here.

Check out details below.


You will enjoy second season on next October 31st.

Watch teaser below.


  • Side A:

Stranger Things
Nancy and Barb
This Isn’t You
A Kiss
Castle Byers

  • Side B:

The Upside Down
After Sarah
One Blink For Yes
Photos In The Woods

  • Side C:

Fresh Blood
Hanging Lights
Biking To School
Are You Sure?
Cops Are Good At Finding
No Weapons

  • Side D:

Walking Through the Upside Down
She’ll Kill You
Run Away
No Autopsy
Joyce and Lonnie Fighting
Lights Out
Hazmat Suits
You Can Talk To Me
What Else Is There To Do?
Hawkins Lab

Source: Invada Records


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S U R V I V E Explores Four Vintage Synths on Stranger Things Soundtrack

The original Netflix series, Stranger Things already has a special place among musicians and lovers of the futuristic aesthetics of the 80s.

His soundtrack penetrated the audience, thanks to his character and deepness; an example was many versions of producers and enthusiasts who risked to create the Stranger Things’s cool sound.

If you feel curious about the machines used in the main theme of the popular series, shows a video with details about all sound sources used in the creation of this soundtrack in its second season, that we can watch this year.

Stranger Things’ retro music was written by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, brains of  S U R V I V  E. They took advantage of a selection of classic and modern machines and synthesizers as well drum machines, to reach that classic sound like John Carpenter’s stuff.

In the video, S U R V I V E members explore four vintage synthesizers: Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Roland Juno-6, Korg Mono / Poly and the Roland TR-707 drum machine. Other than the well-known machines used by Dixon and Stein, include Moog Minimoog Model D, DigiTech Whammy II and Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man.

Here’s what the authors of the famous Stranger Things theme have to say.

Source: reverb

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Resonance Sound Releases 1 GB Of FREE Loops & Samples!


Resonance Sound has released Facebook Sample Pack #2, a free collection of samples and loops which have been handpicked from their commercial releases. Their official Facebook page now features 1.7 GB worth of exclusive freely downloadable (and royalty free) sounds.

This latest Resonance Sound freebie pack contains over 1 GB of free sounds from their various commercial products. Paired up with the first Resonance Sound free Facebook pack, all interested users now have access to over 1.7 GB of free audio material. Facebook Sample Pack #2 contains a selection of samples and loops from several different commercial products, including Big Room Elements, Electric Elements, Kick Free Revolution Vol.3, Vintage Movie Vocals Vol.2, among others.

Unlike quite a few taster packs out there, this one is actually filled to the top with high quality audio content. The included sounds are mostly suitable for users who make trance and techno music, but there’s also other stuff inside, such as the nifty vocal chops from public domain movies. The pack also contains various bits of SFX and short percussive noises which would work great in almost any electronic music genre, especially electro and modern big room style house tunes.

Check the entire BPB review here.

Audio Demo

Check out the Vintage Movie Vocals Vol.2 audio demo:


Facebook Sample Pack #2 is available for free download via Resonance Sound’s official Facebook page(892 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 750 audio samples and loops in 24-bit WAV format).

Source: BPB


Free Cinematic Sound Effects Sample Collection By Generdyn On 99Sounds!


99Sounds has released Cinematic Sound Effects, a free collection of futuristic sound effects for film score composers and electronic dance musicians designed by Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn.

The library contains 50 modern cinematic sound effects such as impact sounds, atmospheric textures, tension builders and background loops. I was literally blown away by these sounds on the first listen, especially their high production value and the variety of the included samples.

The dramatic background loops are my absolute favorite part of the library, along with the tension building riser sounds which could work great in action movie trailers as well as EDM bangers. The impact samples are also quite impressive and I’m sure that you’ll find a couple of favorites among them which you’ll be adding to your SFX stash.

Apart from the one shot samples and loops in 24-bit WAV format, the library also features a NKI patch forKontakt 5 and a handy SFZ patch which you can use in freeware samplers such as Zampler by Beat Magazine. The Kontakt 5 patch features a custom user interface with built-in controls for the filter section and basic envelope parameters.

The included samples were crafted by Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn, a brilliant soundtrack composer and sound designer from Brisbane, Australia. You can take a listen  to several examples of his sound design work if you check out his SoundCloud stream. Links to his official website and his Facebook profile are featured on the product page linked below.

For more sounds of this type, check out Rumore Cinematic Impacts by HAL9K and The Weird Side Samples collection by Introspectral, both of which are available for free download via 99Sounds. Also, feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in releasing your own sample libraries on 99Sounds!

Audio Demo

Check out the Cinematic Sound Effects audio demo:


Cinematic Sound Effects is available for free download via 99Sounds (72.9 MB download size, RAR archive, contains 50 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format, 1 NKI patch for NI Kontakt, 1 SFZ patch for compatible sampler instruments).

Source: BPB

Free Steinway Grand Piano For NI Kontakt Released By Hephaestus Sounds


Hephaestus Sounds has released Steinway Grand 2, an improved version of their great sounding free piano sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

“This is the 2nd version of our Steinway piano. It uses the same samples of the 1st version, but we’ve fixed a lot of sound issues and increased the sound quality.”

The original version of the Steinway Grand sample library was released back in October 2013, along with three other Kontakt freebies. The new version of the library is based on the same sample set, althoughHephaestus Sounds have made several improvements in order to make the instrument sound better.

Updated or not, this is certainly one of the best free grand piano sample libraries around. Take a listen to the audio demo posted below and you’ll know what I mean. Another one which you should definitely try is the amazing Piano in 162 by Ivy Instruments, a fantastic free piano instrument. You’ll find even more alternatives in our directory of free piano samples.

Back to Steinway Grand 2, it’s a surprisingly lightweight sample library with a mere 48 MB footprint when extracted. Although that may often be a sign of a sampling job done poorly, this free library serves as a proof that even lightweight sample collections can sound great. A huge benefit of such approach to sampling is the fact that playing the virtual instrument won’t slow down your computer, which is essential if you’re working on a laptop or a less powerful desktop machine.

The custom Kontakt instrument panel features a simple 3-band equalizer for shaping the sound on the output and a convolution reverb effect which can be controlled directly from the user interface. It’s also possible to turn the key release sounds on or off by pressing the dedicated switch on the instrument panel. Please note that you’ll need the full version of Kontakt 5 or higher in order to use this sample library, as it will only work for 15 minutes in the freeware Kontakt Player.

The official Hephaestus Sounds website seems to be down as I’m writing this, so I’ve linked to the KVR Forum thread below. To grab the free sample library, click the download link in the first post and then click the word “qui” on the download page. The download will start immediately.

Audio Demo

Check out the Steinway Grand 2 audio demo:


Steinway Grand 2 is available for free download via KVR Audio (42.1 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 1 instrument in NKI format for Native Instruments Kontakt).

Source: BPB

Burial’s “Rival Dealer” inspires cinematic Dealer short film


Dealer, a new short film inspired by Burial’s 2013 critically-acclaimed single “Rival Dealer” is the perfect cinematic synergy of electronic music and a cautionary tale. Directed by Ben Dawkins, the 11-minute film follows along on one night in the life of a London drug dealer. Dealer was made with the approval of Burial (born William Emmanuel Bevan) and his UK-based label Hyperdub.

Watch Ben Dawkins’ Dealer short film now:

Source: news.beatport

Listen To The Original Japanese 1954 Godzilla Soundtrack In Full For The First Time!



Akira Ifukube’s original score finally gets a release

Godzilla is the Toho creation of 1954, and its soundtrack is now available in full for the first time in its sixty year history, courtesy of Death Waltz Recording Company. And it gets even better: we have an exclusive stream of the whole thing for a limited time, so get your monster on and get listening below!

Akira Ifukube’s score builds layers of bass and brass to emphasise the dread as the monster approaches Tokyo. While there’s a jauntier theme here early on, which became the Godzilla theme, the focus is disaster and destruction – contrasted with the piercing strings that mark the arrival of the Oxygen Destroyer weapon that might halt the beast.

This new release has been remastered from Toho’s original Godzilla source material, and boasts exclusive art from Cheung Chung Tat on the cover and gatefold (that’s the former above) and liner notes from Japanese cinema expert Jasper Sharp and Film On Wax editor Charlie Bridgen. There’s even a limited edition (400 copies worldwide) version on blue and white “atomic breath” vinyl, as well as the regular green vinyl version.

This soundtrack will be out on June 21, so whether you’re a film buff or a music lover, be sure to check it out (pre-order will open soon). Meanwhile, the new Godzilla is already on release.

Source: Empire