The Korg Mono/Poly is another cult synthesizer, released in 1981; very popular for offers 4 oscillators and a 4 voice polyphony that could be stacked in monophonic mode for a powerful sound or paraphonic for crazzy arpeggios.

It also included a filter, 2 envelope generators, 2 LFO and an arpeggiator, being popular for creating 303 style acid sounds and 808 State techno chords; Much sought after today.

Now, Korg presents its synthesizer iMono/Poly, a digital version from the great vintage synth Mono/Poly for iOS iPhone / iPad with new additions. The app emulates all old features of the original, but adds new and interesting stuff such as two multi-effects, eight virtual patches + 128 presets.

When you buy iMono/Poly you will also have it available on Gadget environment under the name “Montpellier”.

Starting price is 21.99 euros until September 30th. Korg recommends at least one iPad Air or iPhone 5 for use it.

Check video promo below.

Source: korg

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