I’ve been an Ableton Live user for many years, and I always felt a dedicated controller would really benefit the program as well as my workflow.

In this video I highlight some of the strengths of each, as well as what I feel separates them, and what could be improved on each one.

After using both the Ableton Push and Akai APC40 MKII for a while, I’ve been able to see the benefits of both and how they fit different workflows.

I get a lot of questions on which one is “best” out of the two, and my response is always the same…”what are you looking to do?”.

I really think both are great controllers, and one may be more suited than the other depending on the user’s workflow and what they are looking to accomplish.


This isn’t so much of a review as it is just me sharing my thoughts on both.

Hopefully this helps those interested in these controllers gain a better understanding of what each can bring to the table.

You can pick either one of these devices up in most stores and online shops that sell music gear.

Here’s a couple links to Musician’s Friend

Ableton Push

  • Price: $599 (on sale right now fro $479)
  • Link: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/keyboards-midi/ableton-push-software-controller-instrument?rNtt=ableton%20push&index=1


  • Price: $399
  • Link: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/keyboards-midi/akai-professional-apc40-mkii-ableton-live-controller?rNtt=apc40&index=1

If you use Ableton and either of these controllers, let me know which you prefer and why.

If you don’t have one and are interested, let me know which one you think would fit your workflow the best.

If you prefer something else over these two, share that as well!

Source: Sounds and Gear