Sound Machines has announced the BI1brainterface, a brainwaves to MIDI/CV interface, designed to let you directly control your synths with your mind.

The product release will be offered in two versions: a Eurorack module and a stand-alone desktop BI1brainterface, for non Euro users. Functions are shared 100% between the two.

Key Features:

  • The interface will transmit to your equipment your EEG reading (8-band power spectrum) plus some high level information, like ‘Attention’ and ‘Meditation’.
  • Both products will have an integrated user interface with a graphic OLED display that allows the user to configure the machine.
  • Smoothing of the signals, trigger threshold, additional algorithms, scaling, midi channel and cc for each output are completely configurable.
  • An RS232 interface is available that outputs the values of the EEG readings.
  • The BI1brainterface is compatible with the Neurosky MindWaveMobile® headset.

The BI1brainterface is currently in development, with a release date planned for September. Pricing is to be announced.

The BI1brainterface will make its debut in a performance the Acusmatiq 9.0 festival in Italy, scheduled for July 25-27.

Source: synthtopia