If you’re looking for natural sounds, captured through the magic of nature’s physics, the sound designers Animus Invidious and Nick Dwyer from Flintpop, presents us two free libraries for Ableton Live and Kontakt. An ideal arsenal for ambient fans that enjoy creating textures with samplers.

Crystal Goblets & Eugene arise from collaboration with Isotonik Studios team. The first one covers various sounds of crystal goblets as a sound source for use in Ableton Live. The instrument has five selectable patches.

Listen demo Eugene below.

The second library is an instrument for the latest version of Kontakt. It Offers a custom control panel, for goblets sounds to be transformed into pads and rhythmic patterns. Controls such as envelope, filter, resonance and LFO can be manipulated, also you can add fx’s like chorus, delay or reverb.

You can download both libraries completely free here.

You only have to make a purchase for 0 € and register a valid email.

Source: isotonikstudios

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