De la Mancha keeps surprising us with new payware-gone-freeware releases each week. Since today, the awesome mixing collection consisting of GTOGTXQB-3 and ClipStar plugins is available for free download and use!

 “Today’s freeware fun brings you two muscle-car compressors, a character EQ and an innovative clipper. GTO and GTX are a pair of vintage style ‘character’ compressors. QB3 is a vintage-style, 3-band EQ plug-in. ClipStar is a soft clipper effect plugin.”

GTO and GTX are vintage style compressors with loads of character. While GTO is a peak compressor designed for use with fast attack and release times, its brother GTX is an RMS compressor with a softer knee control for smoother timing settings. Both plugins feature an external sidechain input, as well as a wet/dry mix parameter for super easy NY style compression. Pair these two up with the previously released sixtyfive and GTA compressors by the same developer and you’ll have yourself quite an arsenal!

ClipStar is a soft clipper effect with a twist. Apart from the standard clipping controls, this plugin can leave the low end untouched, allowing the user to boost the overall gain while keeping the audible distortion subtle. The plugin works for peak protection, loudness boosting, as well as for adding analog style saturation to your audio tracks.

QB3 is a 3-band parametric equalizer with a vintage vibe. The low and high bands work as shelving EQs with a variable slope setting. Besides the standard EQ stuff, the lovely QB3 also introduces a cocktail of harmonics, saturation and low level noise in order to add subtle amounts of mojo to each processed audio channel.


The plugins are available for free download via de la Mancha (32-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

Source: bedroomproducersblog