If you want to talk about a British band with great power and influence for nearly 30 years, The Future Sound Of London stands out thanks to its contribution to electronic music encompassing areas such as cinema, 2D and 3D video computer animation, also the creation their own musical equipment.

In this sense, Digitana SX-1, is a new synthesizer cataloged as ‘Stand Alone Expander’. The result of the Expander Series from EMS products. The piece consists of several modules with which you can use two voices to control them autonomously. The device has the famous acronym of FSOL, which reveal the participation of the British band throughout the development of this instrument.

Watch demo below.

The machine is completely analog, offering dual VCOs, triangular / sine wave oscillators with wave-folding, octave shift, glide / portamento, LFO, Sample & Hold, dual envelopes AD, dual filters 24dB / oct filters, analog delay BBD, slope generator, slew limiter,  and analog distortion. Digitana SX-1, also delivers a MIDI interface to CV.

Halia is another new project being developed in collaboration with The Future Sound of London too. This is an all digital ‘pocket’ synth using multiple powerful ARM-based microcontrollers. Sonic possibilities cover from huge pulsating multi-oscillator drones, FM-synthesis to Buchla style.

This products, will be presented in the next Superbooth 2017.

Source: synthi

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