Once upon a time Berlin was not filled with Canadians and Americans. It was filled with Germans. These Germans found it perfectly normal to stay up 72 hours on weekends getting completely off their tree at clubs like Berghain (sometimes referred to in this film as Ostgut, after the label with which its associated), Watergate, Club Der Visonaere, Bar 25, and the like… and then go back to work on Monday like nothing happened. Or not, because nobody in Berlin has a job. (Drum roll.) Filmed in 2006, this documentary with English subtitles explores the effect of the techno lifestyle on one’s whole life—identity, relationships, emotions, career—and shows the highs and lows of the commitment to clubbing. Mixing up Berlin locals, it also manages to showcase a softer side of Luciano, Villalobos, Nick Höppner, Ewan Pearson, and more.