forward audio has announced the release of fa SampleDelay, a free VST plugin utility for adding delay to audio signals in order to fix phasing issues in multi microphone setups.

fa SampleDelay is a simple but powerful effect plugin for applying signal delays. It’s main purpose is to solve time difference problems occurring in multi microphone setups and furthermore reduce horrible sounding comb filter effects (often called phase issues).”

Although we’ve seen several freeware plugins with this sort of functionality in the past (one of them being preFIX by Variety Of Sound), this new utility by forward audio includes several handy features which aren’t available in other freeware plugins of this type. For example, the A/B comparison switch allows the user to easily test the effect of two different signal delay settings, making it much easier to pick the right latency setting on the fly.

Other features include the display of the delay amount in meters or feet, along with milliseconds and single samples. The meter display is especially handy if you’re working with a multi microphone setup, making it super easy to add a proper amount of delay to different microphone signals. The sample delay knob has a range from zero to 100 000 samples.

The plugin can be used for other purposes, too. Layering several delayed versions of the same audio track can lead to an interesting fattening effect, which sounds even better if you add slight pitch variations to each copy of the track. The plugin can also be used for achieving the Haas effect, by phasing two copies of the same signal which have been panned hard left and right. This kind of effect is often used on guitars in rock music, making it sound as if they were coming from outside the speakers.


fa SampleDelay is available for free download via forward audio (8.0 MB download size, RAR archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

Source: bedroomproducersblog