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Positive Grid, the makers release Final Touch, a complete mastering system for iPad. The app is a professional mastering suite that combines nuanced techniques of mastering with Positive Grid’s expertise on mobile design.

Final Touch combines seven essential mastering tools into one integrated system, the Pre and Post linear phase EQ modules consist of eight independent bands, each providing a choice of five different types of parametric filters: Hi-Pass, Low-Shelf, Peak, Hi-Shelf and Low-Pass. The Dynamics module offers a flexible stereo/mid-side multiband compressor/limiter. The Stereo Imaging module adjusts the width of your mix, corrects L/R channel imbalances and checks mono compatibility. The Reverb module offers flattering room, hall and plate algorithms to sweeten overly dry mixes, providing continuously variable controls for independently adjusting Pre-Delay, Decay Time, Early Reflections and Room Size. The Maximizer module limits peaks and raises the average level of your mix, thereby increasing perceived loudness. Comprehensive dither and noise-shaping options are also provided in this module.

“Final Touch allows musicians, producers and engineers to master audio recording with the industry’s standards: maximizer, pre and post equalizer, multiband dynamics, stereo imaging, reverb and dithering controls are all just one finger tap away”, says Positive Grid Marketing Manager Jaime Ruchman. “And now they will be able to continue their mastering sessions literally anywhere, with the same sound quality as a top notch professional mastering studio, enhancing productivity to its maximum.”

Here’s a video from Positive grid and a few testimonials from engineers and producers

Final Touch has already got an impressive list of endorsees including Rafa Sardina, 12-time GRAMMY award winning producer and engineer (Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Beyonce); and German Villacorta (Ozzy Osbourne, The Rolling Stones, Rage Against The Machine).

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