FL Studio users are celebrating. Finally, arrives the FL version 12.5 loaded with new features.

The most successful additions are the new Picker panel, a function that is activated with the Alt + P key combination to show patterns, audio clips and project automations to make modifications such as selecting clips that are not being used, renaming and coloring several at the same time, or render patterns to audio clips.

Now virtual MIDI controllers: a keyboard and vector drumpads can be resized and customized to play with them, as if they were a hardware MIDI controller.

In the effects section the new Fruity Delay 3 is introduced, an analog style delay plug-in, synchronizable to the tempo (even if the BPM is variable), with several filtering and distortion functions.

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Among others of its improvements we find Channel Sampling Robot. Right-clicking on any channel and selecting “Create DirectWave instrument” will convert that channel, patcher or layer into a bank or patch of the DirectWave sampler.

This update contains bug fixes and other changes. The vector interface, for example, is extended to more plugins (Harmor, DirectWave, FPC) and sections of the software. Multiple refinements and additional menu options are also introduced.

This update is the previous level to FL Studio version 13.

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