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Art Institute has released Synth1 Art Institute, a free collection of Daft Punk inspired presets for the iconic freeware Synth1 virtual synthesizer.

“What you are hearing is a preset bank of 127 sounds created by us entirely from scratch using the versatile VST plugin Synth1. All of this will be released free of charge as soon as the counter player of audience will mark 2000.”

The sound bank was released several months ago, but it sounds very good so I had to share it here. Although you probably already have more than a dozen Synth1 banks on your computer, it never hurts to refresh this cool instrument’s sound arsenal a bit every now and then.

Synth1 Art institute is a double-volume sound bank, featuring more than 200 Synth1 presets in total. Both parts of the sound bank are available for direct download from the SoundCloud page linked below.

Most of the presets in this collection were inspired by popular EDM tunes. You’ll easily recognize loads of classic synthesized sounds from Daft Punk tunes, along with some Deadmau5 sounds and loads of other good stuff. The bank covers basses, leads, pads, and most of the included sounds are very well programmed.

If you still use the good old Synth1, you should definitely take a look at this preset collection. It is right on par with some other high quality preset banks for this synthesizer, and it is easily becoming one of my new favorites. In case you’re wondering, my favorite Synth1 sound bank ever is the one by Mr. Wobble (grab that one here). Seriously good stuff!

 Audio Demo

Check out the Synth1 Art Institute audio demo:


Synth1 Art Institute is available for free download via SoundCloud (58.1 kB download size, ZIP archive, contains 128 patches for Synth1 VSTi plugin).