Stagecraft Software has introduced the updated version of DJ Delay, a freeware dual delay VST/AU plugin developed with DJs and electronic musicians in mind.

DJ Delay has been available as a free download for quite some time now, however the latest version introduces several significant improvements such as full automation support, cloud saving and sharing of presets, as well as several GUI enhancements. The new version of the plugin also includes a nice selection of factory presets which showcase the plugin’s functionality and provide a good starting point for different usage scenarios.

DJ Delay’s user interface sports two large high-precision frequency spectrum displays, one for each stereo channel. The displays show the band-pass filter properties for each stereo channel, as well as the frequency spectrum of the delayed signal. A little visual help goes a long way, so these two FFT displays will definitely come in handy for high-precision control of the plugin’s output. The GUI is also fully re-sizable, which is a rather useful feature for users with modern high resolution screens.

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Check out the DJ Delay demo video:


DJ Delay is available for free download via Stagecraft Software (2.11 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows and Mac OS).

Source: BPB