Aciddose Xhip Synthesizer - optikal dubs

Aciddose Xhip Synthesizer has already reached version 8.0. With several improvements ranging from details in the graphical interface to new sound processing features.

Xhip first appeared in software with Acid Tracker, a subtractive synthesizer that has earned self-respect, being an analogue virtual instrument with two oscillators.

Among its new features is a GUI resizable interface, redesigned LEDs, and improved control settings and menus. As for the sound engine, Xhip comes with a stereo width parameter for stereo unison mode, enhanced built-in effects, a sine waveform and a voice recycling switch. Also, Xhip can group presets into categories, in addition to route MIDI messages to individual parameters, name banks to create custom “init” states and save all CC MIDI map for future use.

You can download Aciddose Xhip Synthesizer completely free here in 32-bit and 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows.

New features:

  • Resizable GUI
  • MIDI to parameter routing
  • Embedded effects
  • Preset categories
  • Bank name
  • New LEDs
  • Buttons replaced with a menu
  • Improved preset menu
  • Improved parameter menus
  • Unison stereo width
  • Sine waveform
  • Save/load state files
  • User-customizable “init state”
  • PCM now saved in projects/state
  • Save/load “MIDI learn” CC map
  • Linear and differentiated xmod modes
  • Voice recycling switch
  • Various fixes and other improvements

Listen demo below.

Source: aciddose

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