MSCC, is a freeware sidechain compressor effect in VST and AU for PC and Mac on 32 bit and 64 bit. The compressor is mono with two inputs: (left channel is used as main audio input and right channel functions as sidechain input).

MSCC offers six main controls in a compressor: Threshold, Makeup Gain, Ratio, Knee Width, Attack, and Release. If you are looking to use a free functional compressor, you will not regret it. This plugin can be downloaded free of charge. You must only use a valid email address.

Download here.

Check demo below.

-scalable GUI
-analog modelling
-stereo mode supports regular external sidechain input (use -> button)
-mono mode supported only by VST3 format
-mono mode connection: Left Channel input + left key input
-inputs swapping connection for mono mode: right key input + Right Channel (use -> button)
-3D GUI (OpenGL)
-it is FREE!


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