Fela Kuti - Optikal Dubs

Undoubtedly one of the most influential African musicians has been the Nigerian Fela Kuti, creator of the Afrobeat genre, very popular in the 70s. A combination of funk, jazz, Yoruba and highlife, supported in a political context, a feature that reflected Kuti’s concern for social problems, being used to seek change in societies.

The afrobeat scene enjoys popularity in much of the world, in which many bands are under its influence, generating an infinite feedback in which are fed different rhythmic currents of club and experimental music.

If you are a regular at these rhythms, the MusicRadar team gathered for you an Afrobeat Sample Pack Collection divided in drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and percussion, in different BPM (105, 110, 118 bpm) that you can use in your musical projects.

All sounds are provided in WAV files (345 samples). A 100% royalty-free arsenal.


Download it here!

Source: musicradar

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