Graillon 2 free is a freeware version of its new real-time tone change effect and tone correction effect for both PC and Mac.

This version is almost identical to the complete product, except that it does not include the  PTM sections “Pitch Modulation Tracking and bitcrushing. Likewise, Graillon 2 free is one of the best freeware auto-tune plugin on the market. Its characteristics make it stand out from the rest, if you want those features you can consider the purchase of Graillon 2 for € 29.

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Graillon is the best freeware alternative to Auto-Tune effects, especially for users who need a real-time plugin not complicated. It sounds very natural in their pitch shifting, in addition it can produce more extreme results. The option to preserve formants in the processed signal is a good feature that changes the signal to sound more human. The increase of the dry mix signal can be used to achieve harmonization and duplication effects, which is very useful
when processing the voice.

Comes with a larger GUI with a slightly different design to the first version. The old tone modulation section is now placed at the top, with new pitch and offset correction tools placed at the bottom of the interface. The display shows the tone and waveform of the input signal in real time, as well as a dry / wet knob.

Graillon 2 free is available for download on 32-bit and 64-bit VST / AU plugin for Windows and Mac OS here.

Source: auburnsounds

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